Pixie's' Pop Quiz 3,112,923;

22 Questions, 22 Answers,, 22, The Number Of The Jew{Click And ctrl-f: Judaism}, 22 The Number Of You, A Trixy Wixy Pixie!

1.) Are Pixies Animals?
2.) Are Pixies At All Like {Other} Animals Otherwise About Their Nano/MicroPhysiology?
3.) Are Pixies Magical?
4.) If So Are All Other Animals Magical?
5.) If So Is Everything Magical?
6.) Are Pixies Like A Big Computer With A Battery For A Liver And Just Computer With Hardrives And Fusion/Fission Reactors All Over Them?
7.) Do You Have To Eat Crackers To Get Fusion Reactors?
8.) Would Crackers Once Replicated In A Pixie On Drugs Be Entirely Computer?
9.) If A Pixie Is Not On Drugs Will She Be Stupider Than If She Was?
10.) Would A Pixie On Drugs Be Just As Strong/Stronger?
11.) Are Pixies Like Normal People But Better In Every Way?
12.) Are Pixies Alive And Matter Because They Have A Soul?
13.) Should Everybody Be A Pixie?
14.) According To Pixies.zone Do Pixies Always Get Fucked By The Tenacle Dick?
15.) Would Any Pixies Be Able To Just Start Steering/Navigating/HyperThrottling/Flying A Dreadnought Destroyer Space Ship, Hunt, And Effectively Command Said Destroyer To Destroy A Pathetically Small Party Of Rebel Corvettes?
16.) Would Any Pixie Be Able To Remove A Brain Tumor Nymphing Out?
17.) Would All Pixies Be About Even As A Supreme Commander Over A Large Nation?
18.) Would A Pixie Be Able To Wreak Up On Any Equivalently Hit-Pointed [NonSinss] Android Regardless Of How It Had Been Built As A War Robot And Armed With Guns And Missiles?
19.) If A Stex{Strength Enhancing Exoskeleton} Were Made Like A Pixie Would It Be Almost Impervious To A Huge Fucking Black Powder Sniper Riffle?
20.) If Pixie Actually Punches Her Hardest Will She Be Able To Move That Arm At All The Exact Instant Afterwards?
21.) Are All Pixies Hot Sexually Every Single Time To All Other Pixies?
22.) Do Pixies Really Have Ecstatic Fun When Having Lesbian Sex In Huge Hundreds Of Girls Pile{d Together}/Tribbing Pussy/Ass Stack/Matrix Piss/Shit/Cum Squirt/Fountaining And Imbibing La/Harem/Va Orgies?

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