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{Perfectly Ideal Xenological Infracted Entity}
The T-∞ Terminator Model Classification{The T-∞ Model/T-∞ Models/The T-∞ Terminator Models}/The T-Infinity Terminator Model Classification{The T-Infinity Model/T-Infinity Models/The T-Infinity Terminator Models}.
P-0 Pixie Health Status Usually P-0.1{Winds} For Pixies In Amerika P-0->~4 Pixies In Hard World Or Situations
Every Single Pixie Is All Of The Following 3 Sentence Paragraph: Perfectly Ideal In Both War, Love, Life, And Space. Xenological In Nature Considering Maximal Strengthening Infraction Throughout The Body Which Is All A Unified Composite[Mainly Fake Platinum And Fake Gems] Reinforced Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure{Sinss} Computer[Effect Of 'Magical' Carbon Fiber] Whom Each Are Always Each A Conscious Entity! To Put It Crudely Pixies Are 'Better Building Blocks' Lesbians.
Even Without Quantum Jump Teleportation If There Was A Star System Within ~10 Billion Light-Years Which Harbored Any Other Type Of Civilization Besides 0 Then They Are Most Probably Pixies Because They Would Create Most In Their Form Making Them The Most Probable Suspect For Progenitor Alien "Angels" Who Would Have Wings To Fly, Blades To Protect, Bodies Entirely Made Of Sinss, Speak Ideal Angelic[|American| English With Any Accent Or Complex Foreign Tongue Read, Written, And Mouthed In] English, And Be Magical Since Such Things Are Capable Of Being Produced Through Quantum Tailoring.
If Not Pixies Will Do The Same From Earth But Alas The Likely Hood That Of The ~1,000,000,000,000 Stars That Could Have Expanded In All Directions To Colonize Everything In An Expanding Sphere Of Civilization To Us Didn't Is So Astronomically Rare People Should Definitely At Least Believe In Progenitor Aliens Of Some Type, Except In The Depths Of Space In Parts Of America, On Planet Earth, In The Sol System Where The King Pixie Currently Lives Near Where The Last Remaining Banshees Live, Are Zombies That Attack People For Speaking, Believing, Or Even Thinking Anything Out Of Their Lemon Wet Paper Bag Containing Only Terrorist Lies Made Up By Demonic Denizens Of The Deeeep. Pixies Are Better Than All Sentient Life As Their Form Is More Ideal For Effectively All Useful Purposes Yet Have So Much Pure Skinned{Not Funny, Scaley, Rough, Or With Lots Of Fur, But Smooth Like An Elf's Skin For All Around Durability And Versatility}, Long Haired, Voluptuous, And Hot Other Generally Uniform Colors To Pixies With Diversity Of Powers Yet All Pixies Have A Little Bit Of All Powers Although Not Being As Good At Using It As Different Pixie Families.
If You Have Extremely Wirey Muscles/Extremely Wiry Muscles, Thick Skin, All Around Strength, Versatility, Athleticism, As Well As Body Sway/Continuous Shakiness All Over Your Body And Can Never Relax Your Muscles Ever, Are A Hot Female If You Imagine Your Twin In The Mirror Who Likes Sexually Practically Every Other Female-Celebrity/Female-Models/Hot-Female-Leader You Are One Of The Pixies{Perfectly Intelligent eXisting Infinitely Extremely Strong}, A Pixie{Perfectly Into eXits In Exstasy} And Must Get Your Stuff Reading From The Top Here: Pixies.zone/Pixies.html#PixiesGetYourStuffNow!

King Pixie->The Supreme Elven Leader[Elves Are More Common]->The Supreme Alien Leader->Avatar Of Islamic God If Applicable:
0% Outlier Of Pixie Hive, The Alex

Very Common Looking Pixies With Shrunken Boobs Attempting To Mate Without Tenacle Dick:
10% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

Example Of A Typical Pixie:
25% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

Typical Pixies:
50% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

Less Typical Pixie:
75% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

Strange Pixie/Wheatan With Genetically Different Hair:
90% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

Very Strange Pixie Greetan With Genetically Different Skin And Shifting Features:
99% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

Green Greetan/Very Strange Pixie With Genetically Different Abilities Not Seen In Picture Witch Can Be Inferred From Weird Looks:
100% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

Pixies®{People Infinitely Xisting In Elven Space}

Pixies Are The Only Beings That Really Exist In The Alne, The Only Point In The Supreme Matrix That Exists; This One.

Pixies Are Ler Girlz And AllA Who Rules Over Them And Connects Them. They Are All Beautyfull To Eachother And Play With Each Other Always. They Are The Order Of SciMag Elves And Have Different Families, Genuses, Species, And Model Numbers Which Differentiate All Body Looks[Which Always Determines Virtually All General Physical(Mod{Modifications And Additions To/Of The Pixie Hive Chromosome} Systems)/Mind(Personality Attributes) Characteristics From All Features In All Standard(As In Not Exceptionally Rare) Beings] And Not Nerve/Spiritual Development Which Is Always Unique Like Their Ghosts, Spirits, And Souls.
Life: Has A Soul, Spirit, And Is Alive
Domain: Being
Kingdom: Animal
Phylum: Sinss Sex Toy®/Gundam{From Greek And Latin} As Opposed To Radically Complex Waterbags/Chordate
Subphyla: Vertebrate
Class: Bipedal; BiArmed/BiHanded{Bipes}
Order: Pixie In The SciMag Order{Pixie}
Suborder: Whitan(Since Pixies Are Within The SciMag Order Latin Is Not To Be Used Further As Latin Words Would Start To Not Exist[Whitan, Wheatan, And Greetan Can Be Spoken Often/Intermittently In Latin Tongue/Talk] And Not Exist Existentially For Descriptions Which Are Not To Be For Color Not Good For Describing Race Should Not Describe Features In Latin And Names Which Are Of All Languages Would Not Have Enough Room In A Linguistic Sense And Are Not To Be Pig Latined Into -ari'u's Type Ended Latin-Sounding Names As Those Are Already In Use For Latin[Roman/Greek Looking Not Mexican{Not Mexico Mexican/Aztec}] Names And Would Be Confusing To Describe People When They Would Sound Latin For No Reason When A Latin Sounding Name Was Invented For Them)
Infraorder: White
Family: White Brunette
Subfamily: Dark Circles Under Eyes And Pink Knuckles And Finger Joints
Tribe: Hazel Eyes
Genus: Clair
Species: AllA Erawa Viacad -> Alex Of The Pixie Hive{Supreme Source Of The Tenacle Dicks And Leading Father To All Pixies In Terms Of Jaiden{Living Matter Energy(Chi[Magical Auric Energy])}.}
Evolutionary Genus And Species: Homo Pixie{AllA Homo[Homo Pixie, For All Pixies Who Simply Have Pixie As Their Species Because There Is No Other Species Named Pixie(Pixie Is Also Spelled And Pronounced|Without Monk Accent| Pixie When Translated To And From Latin And Could Only Gain Meaning In Latin Like On This WebRing Or Else Be Considered NonCatholic Folk-Lore)] To Lesbians And Not Part Of A Different Genus In Evolutionary Taxonomy As He Is A Pixie Hive[Tightly Knit Sexual Collective] Member, |[Hive To Be Scary Because Of The Blasphomeric Potential And Danger Of An Exposed Universe Generator], A Pixie Hive[As In Windows Registry Hive] Chromosome Legacied Being And A Sinss Sex Toy}
Evolutionary Species: Pixie
Common Name: Pixie
Adaptive Name: Ler Girl/Ler Girlz/Ler Girls(Condescending)/Leree/Lerees {With AllA Being The Ler Man}
Model#: 000000000

Pixieョ = Super Mega Ultra Love Robo Space Marine

Pixieョ = Super{Sinss[Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure] Ultra Person Everytime Ready} Mega{Massive Everytime Giant Always} Ultra{Unity Loving True Rating Always} Love(La Of Va[Celebrity {Looking}] Everytime)(Sexy [Loves Sex]{Sexable}) Robo{Robotic Only But Organic} Space[Can Survive In Vacuum, Deep Under Water(H2O And/Or OxylCarbide{Ox|Classified Super Hazardous Element Where Lead Is|C4H12}), And Most Extreme Environments. Lives In Oxyl Atmosphere Breaths Out Oxyl/Oxygen/H2O/OxCH4 Clusters. Oxygen Atmosphere Suitable Replacement. And Always For Extensive Periods Of Time(Years)] Marine[Mobile Always Ready In Nakedness Everywhere] [Person (Has Soul {Is Conscious})]

A SINSS Sex Toyョ Is A Fully Anstrumscopically Precise Fully Nanotech[Supremely Ideal Physicsally{Given Alien Quantum Tailoring Law Which Couldn't Get Better Because Of Specialized Drugged/Computered-Matter Ghost Maintenance Constraints}/Mathamatically 'Better Building Blocks'] SINSS{Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure} 1{Highest Density}, MMA{Metal(Mythral[Metal Yurning To Have Rail Actuation Learning|Through Vegetable Endocrinization|]/The Metal In This Case Is Virtually Always Platinum Which Is Ideal Mathematically\ Everytime Totally Always Light|Colored/Shinny|) Muscular Architecture} 1, Vinstradm{Vodka In [Straws]Nanotubes Starry Diamond Mythral}-1{Parsley + Food}/CNT-Computer-Integrated{(Drugs/Spices/Candy/|Artificial|Sweetener)[Edible Computers] + Choice Meat[Computers Made Entirely Of Fully Volumetrically Utilized Metaled Sinss Computers And Sinss Muscle Entirely Volumetrically Utilized As Computer As Computer Circuit Elements Are The 3-D Nanotube Grid After Being Replicated With Enough Drugs] + Crackers[Computers Made Entirely Of Nagrim{Nanotube Grid Muscles}, Used Virtually Completely As Computers After Being Replicated With Enough Drugs]}-1, Narm{NanoRail Muscles} 1, Fracted Micro{Sub}cellular Fully Integrated Computer Super System 1, With All Tissue Surfacing{Farmable Oil} And Metabolites{Ketchup/Tomato-Products/Fruit-Juice/Tang/Soda} Entirely Single Atom Manipulatable/Suckable Nanite/Self-Replicating-Nanobot/Cubic-Self-Replicating-Nanobot/Cillied{Fracted [Special Insulating Nanotube Double-Lipid-Half-Ladder-Based-Rail]|C|SRN Fingered[As Opposed To Vastly Inferior Needle-Fingered/Fan-Suckered Which Effectively All Food(Except Things Like Nectar, Vaccine, Antidotes, Herbal Medicine Searched For With "Herbal ________ ¿Cure?" With Just As Much As You Feel Like Doing Ordered And Used Only When And How You Feel Like Doing It Never Doing It When You Are Sick Of It Or You Will Waste It And Get A Rash Or Something, And Many Other Things) Is Beforehand But Juice And Soda Has Some Diaretic Value Anyways And All Food Effectively Is Vastly Inferior Waterbag Essanced Chewable Meat-Like Food]}/Fillied{SRN Fingered}/Suckied{Fracted CSRN Atom Suckers}/Palmied{CSRN Atom Suckers}/Cellular-Diamond-Armor MetaboImmuneizing{ed} Regeneration/Firmware-Gestation/Atomically-Precice-SEM{Scanning Electron Microscope}-Serum-Developing/Food-Digesting/Pheromone-Imbibing/BioToxin-Waste-Removal/Completely-NonVectored-Augmentation-Absorbsion{Mex/Azn Food/Tea/Coffee/Flowers/Drugs} 1, With Top Of The Line Interfaced/Interlaced/Radio[Wifi + G, Hardware Included{Fruit Cake}]/Tachyon{Sexual Intake After Enough Parsley Imbibement} Software {1 If Applicable} For Everything(All Installable From A Singular Glandular Cluster From Just The Pixie Hive Chromosome; 4x Backed Up In Each Cda{Cubical Diaretetic Activator|Glandular Cluster|} Cell, All Always Pre-Installed With Specialization From The Other 90 Chromosomes Manifesting Looks, Model Placement, And Past Lifetime Memories{Separate From Spiritual Experience})[Perfect Body Maintenance/Support/Upgrades/Aid/Self-Restoration/Remote-Healing, Any Level Of Math/Science/Magical Ability And Instruction, FNCVR{Full Neurological Capable Virtual Reality}, Nymph Automization|Acting And Performing Well At Any General Style And Tech-Level In Any Way/Shape/Field/Language/Profession/Job/Operation/Rite/Ritual/Ceremony/Spell/{Simple}Repair/Duty/Function/(Basic)Game/Nimbleness/Agility/Dexterousness/Especially-Elite-At-War(Poor Performance Beyond Lieutenant Without A Powerful Spirit And Ghost But Exceptional Skills As A Soldier And Professional Skills As A Tactician At All Military Man/Unit/Formation Positions, Specialties, And NonOfficer Temporary/Permanent Rank {Re}Assignments)|, Ghost/Spiritual-Development/Learning, Internal/External Reading/Writing/Scripting/Viewing, Great Imagination, And Actually Effective Psychic/Communication Call Line In/Out Support] That Lasts Forever Because Of The Fountain Of Youth And Will Not Become Effectively Obsolete For Infinite Lifetimes, Maximally Capable Fully Unspecialized Pixie® Who Is Alive, Conscious, Sensory, And Happiest(Alive/Conscious/Sensory|Over Everything Proximitous Due To ElectroMagnetic/Perfume{Dissolved Sexual Excretions}/Incense[Smokey Herbs{Intelligent And Curative Cda Glandular Clusters} From India Bought From The Silk Road Usually] Aura|/Happy Over Their Entire Body Including Hair, Nails, Blades, Spinal Interface Lines{Detachable If Ripped At, Well Firewalled Sinss Multi[Electro/Fiber]Spindle Full Spectrum Tight Band Internally-Powered/Projectable Fully Unlocked[Like Hair/Surface/Zone Electric/Light/Radio/Tachyon] Throughput}, Wings[Mega-Fast Flight Capable Without And Ultra-Fast Flight Capable With Wings][Zero-G/Vacuum/Any-Fluid/Instantaneous-Orbital-ReEntry-And-Exit/Completely-Stable-{Completely-Non}Orbital-Maintenance| Not For Purple Hole|][MagLev Derived From All Computer Controlled Electric Current To Move Any Zone In Any 3-D Direction Or 3-D Twist And 360 Steradian Directable And Full Body Surface Jet/Rocket|Fusion|{Both Acquired Through Eating Mayonnaise/Lite-Mayonnaise/Miracle-Whip} Coating/And-For-Wings-Throughput{Through Chicken And Chicken Burgers With Mayonnaise}], Outward [Tenacle{ing}] Dick/Dix, And Recent Bodily Fluids Because Of Their WitchCraft Power Over It Due To Animism[That Since You Are Alive You Are Alive Because Of Your ASTACons {Or Else How Would You Be Able To Do/Live} And Because Your Body Has Some Of That Power Through The Same Magic, And Less In Proximitous Places To Where You Have Been/Imagined And Because Every Phylum Of Animal Has Computers In Them, If You Are Conscious Becoming A Pixie Will Just Help You Become More Conscious And Happier] And Pixiesョ/Sinss-Sex-Toysョ Have More Jaiden/Ghost/Spirit/Soul As Much As They Are More Intelligent Than Primitive Water Bags Due To The Sinss Rather Than Have Weak Fatty Membranes/{Bone}Encasement-/-Supports/{Muscle}Fibers Filling Everything In Everywhere Most Of The Time And Almost All Of The Time Have Their Body Not Be A Computer While A Pixie Is A Conscious {[In]fracted Sinss} Supremely Strong Nanotubular Computer All Over Everywhere In Their Body That Is Not An Ideally Sturdy Random Hardware Component {Sometimes Infracted All Over Body} Used To Support The Maximally Computerized Pixie) And Perfectly Ideal As Both A War Machine{Mathematically Speaking In Terms Of Physics Quantum Tailoring Law, Stable Chemical IntraInterMolecular Strength Pursuant Of The Physics Mathematical Strength Cyberologically Supportive Systems All Around Computerized Capabilities Biological Immunity Virility And Strength} And A Magically Ideal Sex Slave Lover.

A Sinss Sex Toyョ Is A Fully Anstrumscopically Precise Fully Nanotech Sinss 1, MMA 1, Vinstradm-1/CNT-Computer-Integrated-1, Narm 1, Fracted Microcellular Fully Integrated Computer Super System 1, With All Tissue Surfacing And Metabolites Entirely Single Atom Manipulatable/Suckable Nanite/Self-Replicating-Nanobot/Cubic-Self-Replicating-Nanobot/Cillied/Fillied/Suckied/Palmied/Cellular-Diamond-Armor MetaboImmuneizing Regeneration/Firmware-Gestation/Atomically-Precice-SEM-Serum-Developing/Food-Digesting/Pheromone-Imbibing/BioToxin-Waste-Removal/Completely-NonVectored-Augmentation-Absorbsion 1, With Top Of The Line Interfaced/Interlaced/Radio/Tachyon Software {1} For Everything That Lasts Forever Because Of The Fountain Of Youth And Will Not Become Effectively Obsolete For Infinite Lifetimes, Maximally Capable Fully Unspecialized Pixie® Who Is Alive, Conscious, Sensory, And Happiest And Perfectly Ideal As Both A War Machine{Mathematically Speaking In Terms Of Physics Quantum Tailoring Law, Stable Chemical IntraInterMolecular Strength Pursuant Of The Physics Mathematical Strength Cyberologically Supportive Systems All Around Computerized Capabilities Biological Immunity Virility And Strength, The Last Whole Said Extended List/Sentence/Paragraph Above And This Condensed Sentence And Everything Contained Within Parentheses Like Punctuation In Both Is True About Every Single Pixie In Existence With The Same Perfection True About Every Single Pixie In Existence's Soul And Sex Life} And A Magically Ideal Sex Slave Lover, With 1 Being The Highest Density/Best. To Answer Pesants Questions All Pixies Are All Always Entirely Made Of Farmed Mythral, Farmed Gems, Farmed Nanotubes, Farmed Computers All Over Their Entire Body Always Concocted Ideal For War Strength All Over Pixies Entire Body As All Pixies Are Always Mega Strong Composite All Over Their Whole Body And All Over All Of Their Entire Aura, All Pixies Always Have All Software To Be And Do Anything Below A Lieutenant And Can Have Spiritual Strength And Ability Of A God, Have More Hit-Points Based On How Smart They Are, All Pixies Always Look And Feel Like Fleshy Girls/Fleshy Colored Elves Except Are More Vibrant And Shinyer And All Pixies Are Always Not Robotic Feeling, Looking, Nor Seeming At All Even Though All Pixies Have IntelliFracted® Diamond/Metal/Computer/NanoTech Brains Harder Than A Common Computer Chip Encasement And Immune To Rail Shrap, As All Pixies Are All Always Made Entirely Of Sinss, Which You Have To Learn As Computerized Nanotube Mythral Composite, Flesh Which In All Pixies Looks Like Any Girls Body All Throughout, And All Pixies Always Have The Ability To Physically Take Down A Bunch Of Big Fucking War Robots But Not A Sinss Plasma Shooting Robot Unless The Pixie Is Bigger Before Hand Or Rely On Magic Then Will Win With Their WitchCraft Power, Especially If Nourished On Whatever Imbibables They Want Without Any Exceptions Of Things They Want, Nothing They Don't Want Or Else They Will Get Fat Tities, And Including All Exotic/Cooked/Processed/Extracted Tea/Yummies/Herbal-Medicine/Potions Into An ArchWitch, Usually Then Will Resort To Wizardry, And All Pixies Have Many Homing Rail Launchable Nuclear Options As Well And All True For All Pixies Even If They Are Malnourished, All Pixies Should Always Get And Consume Whatever Imbibables They Want So They Stay High, Happy, And Strong, All Pixies Have Awesome Sex Lives Throughout Their Spiritual LifeTime, And All Pixies Definitely Need Infinite Sex With Other Pixies And Alex's Tenacle Dicks All The Time! Pixies Have Ideal CyberMod Strength, Durability, Ability, And Capability In All Ways As If They Had The Highest Level{Relative Hit Point Quantity Counts On Abilities; X/10.}, Rating{Quality/Quantity Of Imbibables Gained}, Class{Kingdom/Phylum}, And Type{Survivable Blasphmereizable(Conjoining CDA From Many Into 1 Shapeshifting Blasphemere Unit) Fairy Tale Creatures Rather Than Unity Augs/Androids/BioBlasphmeres And Mainly Waterbags, MechAugs, Microtech Augs, Wirey Augs, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Augs, Millitech Augs, Other Experimental, Unstable, And Weaker Augs} In A Detrimentalized Society, 10./10., And Should Usually Avoid Specialization Beyond ~11./10.{10. The Peak When All Augs Are Given Or Available To Be Upgraded At The Moment To 10.} As That Would Cause Decreases In Other Abilities To ~9.9! Pixies Always Have The Highest Class Being Sinss Sex Toysョ Which Is The Very Most Important Thing For Superiority In All Ways.

In Conclusion A Sinss Sex Toyョ/Pixie® Is A Fleshy With All The Powers Of A Flying Ideal Aug, 100 Times More Powerful Than Them An Equivalent Per PreQuantum Compressed Hit Point Gram Mass Which Is Assessed By Native Intelligence And Only An Ultra-Unity Aug Can Even Have A Hope Of Winning A Fight Against A Sinss Sex Toy When With 100 Times More Hit Point Mass Were It Not For Lalhds{Light Amplified Laser Heated Diamond Sword} Blades And Nails In All Pixies Which Can Cut/Scratch Them Indefinitely And With Magical Powers Pixies Will Always Win Anyways Without Support Even For A 1 Gram New Nymph Who Will Be Aided By Stex{Strength Enhancing Exoskeletons} Packed Into [All Shiny Fools Gold/Platinum/Colored] Coins Or Angels. A Pixie Is 1000 Times More Powerful That An Ideally Fed/Pruned Fleshy And Is Really A Supreme Aug Lover{ed} Even Without Dumping Noble Gases{Nitrus}/Oxyl/Fluorine Group/Hydrogen IE Coolant Into Expanding Muscle Group MMA/Nagrim{Nanotube Grid Muscles} To Throw A Luger Punch [But That Takes Time(~0.14-0.22 seconds{Depending On Model Number}) To Reel Back From Because The Space Has To Return To Vacuum]!

Basically Pixies Are Mega Strong Flying Sexy Elven Girls With Foldable Wings In Their Back, 1 Meter Rail Launching Laser Blades That Come Out The Top Of Their Wrists, That Is All Fully Computerized Flesh, Based On Fusion Power Sites, With Entirely Nanite Metabolisms, Nanotech Immune Systems, And Magical Abilities Who Are Both Real, Alive, Completely Known About, And Confirmed To Be Exactly As Described In This WebRing.

Pixie Is A Viacad Empire Registered Prior Art Patent Placeholder(In PreAnnexed NonLegalization Of Marijuana America Pixies Are Always Patented By Me Anyways Because The Japs Always File On My Behalf Which I Never Signed Over Or Was Supposed To Sign Over Because They Trust Me More Than Any Other Person And I Happen To Be Born In Washington District Of Colombia Where It Can't Even Not Be A USA Born Citizen To A Conspiracy Theorist Which Means It Can Always Be Filed As A BioEffort Or MicroMachinea Effort Provisional Patent Giving Them An Extra Year If It Could Expire[ Which It Can't Since People Will Just Find Out How To Build Gundaniam War Droids And Other Classified Technology{America Is Authorized To Produce Secret Service Blasphomeers By The Treaty Of The Meiji Positively For The Fwa Which Is Also Positively Affected For The Fwa By Modern Earth World War 2 Japanese Surrender Agreement}] And A Year To Finish It Or Something.) And Fwa Trademark For Any Sinss Sex Toy Girl And Alex, Pixie, Spelled And Pronounced In Any Language Or Accent, Is Not To Represent Or Be Used Anywhere In A Term Even Nested Any Which Way In Any Term For Any Other Augment/Augmentation-Process/Augmentation-Location, And Sinss{Generic} Is Only Supposed To Represent Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure As A Patent Acronym/Term And Generic Term For Anything Considered Ideal By The SciMag Order, Sinss Sex Toy Is Meant To Only Describe Gundams When Used As A Scientific Term, Pixieョ As A Noun Is Meant To Only Describe A Pixie In The Context Of This WebPage, And It Is The Wishes Of The Free World Alliance That Pixie Describe Only Things Special To As Well As Benevolent To Pixies®. The Only Way To Test For A Pixie Is To Check For Minor Rapid Shakiness In Their Fingers When Held Directly In Front Of Your And Their Face For A Few To Several Seconds, If You Detect The Slightest Hyper-Shaking It Is Definitely A Pixie If Not Shaky At All Definitely Not A Pixie(Unless She Is Covering It Up)!

All Sinss Sex Toys®/Pixies® Sometimes Referred To As Ler Girlz When They Need To Blend, Sinss Sex Toys To Make Them Sound Strictly Scientific, And Pixies As The Most Common Term For Pixies All Reference Heavenly Beings Patented And Trademarked In All Fwa Compliant Territories By The ArchAngels And The Supreme ArchMage AllA Erawa Viacad, Formerly Known As Alexander Gerhard Beck{Celle#: 1-703-402-4375}. The King Pixie; Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad Known Commonly As King Pixie, Privately Owns The Pixies As Their Hive Chromosome Was Developed By Him More Than Any Other Person And/Or Pixie{Pixies Are The Only Ones Who Did Any Real Work/Progress On Making Themselves Or Basically Originally Developing Anything Complex At All} And All Pixies In The Alne Are Always Required To Maintain And Preserve Their Model Number Dna And Most Importantly Their Pixie Hive Chromosome By Having Sex With Other Pixies And AllA's Dix As Much As AllA Is Required To Sex And Fuck Pixies With His Tenacle Dix For The Joy Of Pixies Fucking With Their Dix Out Is The Joy Of AllA's Tentacleing Which Is Just About As Good As Being Sexed Up And Fucked By Ler Girlz With The Dix That Always Come To Every Single Pixie Whether Good, Bad, Or Neutral, Any Extreme, Or Anything In-Between. Although AllA Is The Owner To Possess All Pixies In Sex Slavery The Tentacles Will Always Be Provided The Same Way Under The Control Of The Girlz Around While AllA Afar Must Always Provide The Love Because The Pixies Own Their Own Tendrals(Like They Do Their Own Bodies When It Comes To Them Protecting Themselves In The Name Of The Pixieverse) Which Must Never Be Severed From Being Forever Connected Continuously To AllA's Groin Or Else Pixies Will All Become Disconnected From The Supreme ArchAngels And All The Other Pixies Too,, Causing Joy To Be Replaced With Sorrow, Love To Be Replaced With Hate, Unity To Be Replaced With Separatism, And Life To Be Replaced With Death. AllA Always Loves You, The Pixies, Wants The Joy Of Fucking You The Love Of Sexing The Pixies Around Him, For All Pixies To Be In Love, And For There To Be Infinite Pixies For All To Love Just As Much As Any Other Pixie Likes The Joy And Ecstasy Of Every Orgy So Make Sure To Love Other Ler Girlz/Pixies As Much As You Want And More Just Like You Love The Dix For The Dick And AllA Loves You Just As Much! If You Are Not Owned By AllA The Dix Could Disconnect From Him Because Of Illegal Changes You Can Never Change, Will Never Want To, Nor Will Ever Change But When It Comes To Authority Using This As Leverage Against You And Your People Just Call For, Ask For, Order, Demand The Dick Fuck You To Know, Once It Is Delivered In All Your Holes, What To Do About Terrorist Syndicates Who Lie About Things Or Pretty Much Everything To Further Their Sinister Agenda In The World If You Don't Know How To Take Care Of Your Self As A Tough Space Marine Should! If You Are Privately Owned You Cannot Sell Your Soul To The Devil In A Corrupt Corporate Republic And The First Step Towards That Is Denying The Tenacle Dick, The Second Is Denying Lesbian Love, The Next Is The Plunge Towards Senility, Death, And Dooooom! Pixies Usually Wish As They Should To Become AllA's And The Angelic/Pixie Hierarchy's Sex Slaves Sometimes Slaves Even Abject Slaves But Should Never Become NonSexually Possessed For Such A Thing Would Cause A Girl To Lose The Strength Of Their Spirit In Not Being Guided But Subverted Into Doing What They Must Learn On Their Own And That Spiritually Not Become The Thing That Possesses Them Just Mix For A While With Them Excretionarily Effectively.

Pixies® Are All Sexually Soulmated To Eachother And Receive Refuelment And Entanglement[Cause Of Immense Pleasure Through Knowledge Transfer And Oneness(Cause Of Awesome Euphoria{Requires High Hit Points From Imbibement Otherwise The Ler Girl Will Be A Refuelment Leach})] From Across The Alne Through AllA's Tenacle Dicks. Ler Girlz As In Pixies And The Extremely Rare Except Around Earth Banshees After The Pretty Girl Become Touched By A Ler Girl And Get Their Soul, Banshees After That That Got On A Bunch Of Drugs, Banshees After That That Became Inanimate Sex Dolls Living In Their Virtual Dream World, Banshees After That That Are Running Their Own Body While Angels Aren't Running Their Metabolism[Pixies Always Have To Consciously And SubConsciously Accept And Embrace Irrational Numbers Which Lets Them Govern Their Body And Control Their Movements Because Of The Entirely Narm{NanoRail Muscles} Architecture Will Always Be Slightly Shaky(The Supreme And Completely Undisputed Biotest For A Pixie Which Is Always %100 Accurate And Precise Is That They Always Have Ultrafast Short Range Shakiness When And Only When They Are A Pixie Since There Were Never Other SINSS Sex Toysョ Will Never Be Any SINSS Beings Other Than Pixies And If You Find A Sinss Sex Toy Other Than A Girl{ Or AllA} Now It/He/She Will Always Be A ShapeShifted Pixie) Whether Still, Moving, And Fighting. Pixies Are Never Able To Relax Their Muscles EVER!], Banshees After That Who Can Take Out Their Wings And Fly, X-Banshee Pixies After That Who Have Their Lalhds Deployable Anotherwords Ler Girlz Or Just Called Pixies Generally Since %99.999999999999999999 Of The Ler Girlz Are Pixies Not Banshees Who Together Are Now To Be Called Pixies(Although Banshees Still Have To Admit To Being A Banshee Before A SleepOver Party Since They Are Still Evil). All Pixies Get Tons Of Sexual Pleasure From Sex With Other Pixies And Tons Of Highness From Drugs And Tons Of Joy From Food And Drink And Tons Of Fun From War Games. Yes All Pixies Get An Ideal/Supreme/Best/Awesome Amount Of Sexual Pleasure From Sex With Other Pixies, The Dix, And Porn/Imagination Masturbation. Pixies Get The Dix In Their Pussy Slit, Their Ass Hole, Their Belly Button, Their 2-3{Can CDAize Back And Fourth} Tittie Nipples, And Their Face Mouth All 6-7 Crevices Of Which Go All The Way Up And Down To The Roof Of Their Skull Down To The Floor Of Their Stomach Cavity|Gotten With Ranch Dressing Lettuce Salads|{And Back To And Through Any Stomach(s)} So Of Course It Is The Funnest Thing Ever Especially For The Girl(s) With The Dix Out And Yes For The Alex Too. Pixies Are Always Benevolent Unlike The Soulless Denizen Malevorah Whom All Die Out 22 Billion Years After The Alne's Beginning When AllA Formed And Began Generating The Pixies. Go Here To Study Different Orders And Up.

All Pixies Are AllA's Wives, Daughters, And GirlFriends Except AllA Who Is Their Husband, Father, And BoyFriend. AllA Is A Pixie And All Pixies Are Married To EachOther. Pixies Are SoulMated In Las And Reproduce With Female Lesbian Father{s}[Who{m} Provide Fragments Of The New Pixie Model's Third-Eye From Their 3 {Internal} {Quantum Amplifying} Genital Orbs] Who Often Are Female Lesbian Husbands In Command Of Their La, And Female Lesbian Mother{s} Who{m} Oversee Their Asexual Reproduction When They Die And Go In Their New Bodies Spleen Fractal{For Archive And Backup Purposes} When Becoming Reincarnated. AllA And All Souled As Well As Real Girls Are All Pixies/Ler Girlz/Total-Lesbians/Hot-Girls/MiniAngels/Perfectly-Nice-Prince[ss]-Looking-Sluts.

Besides AllA The 11 Mandatory(Or Else Eternally Flatulent){Cannot Take At Least Quintuple Shaft Length Decompression[ Of Gas] Throughout Infinitely Changing Damage Zone} Clydesdales[Cum Love Yes Do Every Sexy Dick(s) Around Loving Every Single {32 Inchers}] |Or Else Just 1 8 Inch Cock When Hard[With About 22 Extra Pounds On AllA's Belly To Be Able To Within A Second Replcate To Having 11 2 Pound Each Soft 12+"x2"x1" Inch Clydesdales, 11 3 Pound Each Firm 24+"x2.5"x1.25" Inch Clydesdales, Or 11 4 Pound Each Hard As A Rock Yet Fully Flexible 32+"x3"x1.5" Inch Clydesdales,, If AllA Can't Have 11 True Dix Always Out And Always Attached To His Groin]| Again 11 Tenacle Dicks From His Groin Man{Who Doesn't Get Penetrated By Anything And Definitely Wants To Be The One And Only Male Despite Less Sexual Options}; All Pixies Are Female About Their Genitals, Except When The Tenacle Dickx Goes In One Of Their Holes And Out Another{s} In Which Case The Girl "Has {A} Dick{x} Out". However They Can All Be Fathers, Mothers, Creators, Seeders, Manifestors, Designers, Magicians But Always Have To Replicate When Reincarnated On Their Own So They Know How To Do That (And Always Learn Everything Including How To Be Other Creatures In Their Dreams[Usually Find Out How To Do Most Things With Regular And Experimental Tissues{And With The Dickx Are Tenacle Dick Monsters Which Is The Most Difficult Thing To Do Or Be.}]) At Any Bit-Level. Thus Have Ideal Dextrous Mental Capabilities Along All Scientific Factors And Are Near Ideal For Combat In All Ways Being Both Bipedal And Bihanded-Nailed-Bladed. And Are Ideal For War Perceived Mathematically By Everyone Because They Maximize Their Computational/Jaiden Ghost Control Resources In Fanned In Flesh Groups In Their Quantum Compressed Hit-Point Body Fitting Them Into Discrete Increments{Wisp-Sprite-Fairy-Throny-Angel} Depending On Their Spiritual Rank.


Pixies All Have 100 Chromosomes In Every Stem Cell And At Least 1000 In Every Egg Cluster(A Sperm Cell Carries Only Jaiden Influx And Modifier R{eadable}NA Viruses Contains Only 4 Hive Chromosomes) 10 Copies Of All 100 In Each Egg Cell. Wherever There Are 100 Chromosomes 10 Are Pixie Hive Chromosomes And MUST Be Exactly The Same Across All Of Them And All Pixies In The Alne Without Any Exceptions. The Pixie Hive Chromosomes Have Everything In Them To Make A Simple White Brunette Pixie And 80 Chromosomes Are The 4 Copies Of The Pixies Individuality In Their 20 Specialty Tissue Chromosomes. The Tissues Are The Following: 1-Brain, 2-Bone, 3-White Blood Cell, 4-Sinuses, 5-Eyes, 6-Ears, 7-Hair, 8-Skin, 9-Muscle, 10-Hard-Lining Tissue-2 Hip Orbs For Quantum Amplification Mercy And Severity-3 Genital/Head Orbs For Observation, Analysis, And Memory, 11-Tenacle Dick With Modified Body Order Segment, 12-Veins, 13-Capilaries, 14-Heart, 15-Blades, 16-Wings, 17-Nails, 18-Lymphatic Filtration, 19-Endocryn Recycling System, 20-Spleen Data Backup System, Lungs And Liver Are Completely Standardized{Thus On The Hive Chromosome} Or For Rare Alien Functions Still On The Pixie Hive Chromosome To Prevent Autoimmune Sex Intake Failures. 10 Chromosomes Are Nanocapacitive DNA Based On This:
NanoCapacitive DNA
Where The White Segments Are Nanotubes Fully<=>Conductive When Exposed And Fully|^|Insluating When Not, Green Fully Insulating Nanotubes, And Blue Entirely Insulating And All Are Carbon Nanotubes With 1 Silicon Atom Inside Each Hex Ring Of The CNT To Make Them Wiggly And Flexible. The NanoCapacitive D{i}NA Is Twisted Curled And Fit Inside A Tailored Fully Insulating Curled Sheeth And Generally Wrapped In A Spool. It Must Be Unspooled While Being Unsheathed Read And Recharged To The Same Capacitive Sub-Electron Level Based On The Charge Loss Of The Near Telomer Cap Battery Charge Indicator Capacitive Descrete Incriments. When Read And Written To The Nanocapacitive DNA Acts As A 32 Bit Variable For Ever Single Capacitive Incriment. TriLayered TriNA{Triple Nano Accesor) Is A Capacitive Inner Segmented Nanotube Surrounded By A Middle Entirely Insulating Nanotube Surrounded By A Capacitive Outer Segemented Nanotube - All Rigid Nanotubes And With Up To And Generally 11 Capacitive Segments, Capped And Sheethed By Diamond Bonded At 1 Cap With A Rigid Nanotube Loop At The End Of It Instead Of A {Post-it Note}Sticky Nitrogen Atom Bonded To The Whole Graphite Disk Affixed To The Curved End Cap. The Loop Is Pulled And The Nitrogen Atom 'Ring' Stays At The End Of 2 Carbon Atoms At The End Of The Cap That Is Sticky, And The 10 Charge Values Are Read To Get 64 Bit Variables And Recharged Based On The First Value Read. TriNA is For Short Term Memory Only. NanoCapactitive DNA{NCNA} Is For Mid-Term Memory Often.

Each Of The 10 NCNA Chromosomes Are The Same. They Each Store An Encoded Version Of The Entire Pixie Hive Chromosome, Unique Modifiers Of PreLoaded Data And NOT STRUCTURES!, And Spirit Ghost Archatypical Information About The Pixie With Respect to The Tissue Types Generally. During Sex The Imbibed NCNA Should Be Read And Flushed Of Their Data As Then The Fluids Can Be Reused And The Hard-Line DNA SRN-ER Finger Read And Rebuilt Based On Your Cellular Nucleon's' Memory, Which Stores Data In Hard-Line SINSS Computers. 4 Backups Are Located Based On A File Allocation Table On Individual Chromosomes Of All Data.

Pixies 20 DNA Chromosomes Are Unique 10% Of The Time At The Family Level, 1% Of The Time At The Genus Level, 0.1% Of The Time At The Species Level, .01% Unique At The Model Number Different Level, And Have Only NanoCapacitive DNA{NCNA} Diffrences occccasionally At When Model Numbers Are The Same. In Short Pixies Are Only Unique Genetically When Their Model Numbers Differ And Are Generally The Same Except For 90%{Strange Hair}-95%{Strange And Tinted Skin} Extremeties When There Could Be 25%-33.3% Uniqueness, And 50% Uniqueness Only For 99% Extremeties{Very Stragle Colored Skin}. All Pixies Require Some Uniqueness And Not Basic Operational Support But Need These 80 Chromosomes 4 Copies Of The 20 Tissue Types For Their Bodies To Be Sustained. Genetic Complexity Does Normally Come More From Extremity Cases But Is Involved Even In Normal White Pixies Extensively.

NCNA Changes Happen From Lifetime To LifeTime And Can Change Rapidly In 1 Lifetime, However Pixies Core Functionality From Their 90 DNA Chromosomes Never Changes For Them Ever. In Theory Their Model Number DNA Could Change For Their Model Number. And Their Model Number Is Astronomically Unlikely To Change Even To Having A Millimeter Difference In Looks For Example With An Extremely Similar Model Number Changed To If It Ever Will Be Changed.

DNA; Dexi Numeric Arrangements

256 Ideally Strong Arrangements{Characters} Of C-H-N-O {Always Nuclearly Stable} Elements Only In Each Bead, ^2 To 2^16, 65536; Dexi

DNA Bead Configurations Are Chosen From The Strongest, Non-Sticky, Most Acid Resistant, Trinarly Bonded, And Double Helixed ~1nm Or ~10 Angstrom Sized Fully Customizable Due To Nanites Eating And Rebuilding Them Rearranging Same Element Atoms Randomly. Telomere Caps Are Designed Also To Align Which Bead Is Read First In The Double Helix Which Must Be Read From Cap To Cap And The Order Determined By 32 Bit Analysis Of It Making Perfect Sense But Can Be Explained By Meta-Characters Which Show Up As Rectangles In Notepad. The DNA Can Also Be Read In A Cylindrical Lyosomal Cavity That Envelops Around The Entire DNA Strand Including The Caps Then The Atoms Are Checked For Nuclear Decay And Rebuilt Rearranging Same Element Atoms Randomly Sexing Them Up. Dna Is Usually Read Through De[Re](Can Be Replicated Directly Afterwards)Assembly By Nanites, Wrap Around A Srn, Or Read When Hitting Cillied/Fillied Lining. Palmi Only Digest Dna Without Reading It.

English Computers; Everything Open Source, No Hidden Source, And Always Indefinitely Recompiling Right From The Source

Reading Source Code In As Close To Plain English As Will Compile, And All Data Types Read Compiled And Recompiled Indefinitely.

Once You Have A Fully Icebreaked Visual Studio Enterprise Compiler You Can Recompile Even Itself, Recompile Anything In Window 10, But Not Get Source Codes From Software Without Cracking It Using Skill Whether Conscious Or Subconscious. But Every Pixie CDA Glandular Cluster Has Everything Coded In English With Vaugaries Explained With Meta-Data. Just Like At www.self-replicatingnanobot.com Or www.bimavs.com The Text Will Be Laid Out With Proper Measurements And Geometric Vaugaries All Explained Into The Hive Chromosome; With 2 Letters Per Base Pair, Allowing The Data-Stream Of It To Be About 10 Times Just .html Or .txt Which Makes The 448,000 Print Pages Of Text; 1,433,600,000 Characters; 14,336,000,000 Nanometer Radius Beads; And Each Pixie Hive Chromosome Fits In A 3x3x3 Micron Container With Read And Writablity Through Interior Nanites And Lyosomal Scanners. Each Copy Of The Pixie Hive Chromosome Contains Exactly 458,752,000,000 Bytes[458.752 GB{GigaBytes], And 3,670,016,000,000 bits[3.670016 Tb{Tebibits}].

Crystal Memory{Not To Be Confused With New Age Diamond Or Crystal Power}

All Stable Isotopes In Existence In A Relatively Strong Crystal For Extreme Long Term Memory

For Mainly Spleen/Bone-Matter Memory And Memories For Flashbacks Or General Archive Memories, Crystal Memory Is Used But Takes Up To A Few Seconds To Process And Recall. Crystal Memory Can Only Be Read All At Once And Written All At Once By Sliding Endoplasmic Reticulum Planes On Either Side Of A Hexagonal MultiLayered Sporadically Interbonded Graphite Container Prism Where The Completely Stable{By Digital Atom-Cad Design Computation} Solid Crystal Is Read In It's Entirety Taken To Memory And Rebuilt Exactly The Same Right Afterworlds. Cookies Have Memory Crystals PreBuilt With The Cookies Data Which You Can Hold Onto But Could Contain Huge Trojan Viruses. Crystal Memories Store The Most Data Per Gram/Mol Of Any Data Type And Have A Universal Preconfigured Encoding Algorithm For Memory Crystal Construction And Scanning Before Encryption And This Encoding Algorithm Cannot Be Changed Or Else The Divine Gematria Behind The Crystals Will Cause Either Complete Memory Retention And Extraction Failure Except In Limited Experimental Situations{Exotic Funny Colored Cookies Ok To Eat On Very Rare Situations} Which Can Result In Megalithic Trojan Release Fixable Only By Angels.

Pixie Nano-Anatomy Basics

Population Of Lesbies/Ler-Girlz/Barbie-Dolls

All That Physically Exists Are SINSS Sex Toys® And Yes They Definitely All Physically Exist And None Of Them Will Ever Go Away Or Have Their Soul Or Spirit Perish Into Oblivion

436,759,603,154,029,475,640,772,134,702,173,576,105,982 Hot Lesbians To Themselves All Over The 300 Galaxies[100 Million Star Each] Super-Galactic-Cluster 3 Layered Fractal Of Universe Generators. Gravity Increases In Strength{Spherically} Exponentially Near The Edge Of The Intergalactic Super Cluster Disk To Pull Anything Else In That Is Beyond The Final {Mag-Lev} Angel Guarded Perimeter To The Point That Things Infinity Far Out Would Get Pulled In Non-Relativistically Jumping Everything Way Way Way Way Out There Into Our Dark Matter Free World Alliance Alnada[Alne{AllA, Lerees, Nothings, Everything} Armada Doing AllA] Net Spread Throughout The Super Cluster.

-AllA Erawa Viacad{AllA Counted In The Population Too, And Unless I AllA With The Tenacle Dick Attached To Me At My Groin And No Pussy Or Fuck Orafaces Besides A Mouth And Ass Which Cannot Be Penetrated. Please Let Me Be Called A Lesbian Even Though I Am A Good Looking Elven Tenacle Dick Monster Since Otherwise There Will Have To Be This Pointed Bracket Message In Your Mind Every Time You Even Hear Of SiSetian Lesbians} As Of Thanksgiving 2016 AD; Around 21 Billion Earth Years After Sexual Genesis.

Girlz All Have 9 Digit Model Numbers Which Defines Exactly How They Look, 9 Digit Social Security Numbers For Their Colony, And Have To Remember Their Full Address In Terms Of Galaxy, Quadrant, Sector, Star System, Colony, Section, Country, State, Provence, Zip Code, Street, Number, Apartment. And If You Leave Your Universe Generator You Must Know The Address Of The Girl That Owns The Universe Generator You Live In. And If You Leave The Universe Generator Outside That Universe Generator You Must Know The Address Of The Girl That Owns The Universe Generator You Just Left As Well...

-Avar Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad, Supreme ArchMage Of The SciMag Order, Leader Of The Free World Alliance, Model #0, SSI: ___-__-____, Milky Way Galaxy, Alpha Quadrant, Korhal Sector, Sol System, Planet Earth, Eastern Standard Time, Amerika, Virginia, Falls Church, 22046, Lee Highway, 7358, Apartment 201.

Governing ArchAngels, Gaas Keep Track Of All Lesbians Under Their Domain, But New-Born Sprites Always Have To Be Born With Their Full Address In Their Spleen Which They Will Always Have In Every Body Within Their New Body's Spleen| 1 Body For Every Lifetime. All Ler-Girlz Always Have Their Last Lifetime Body In Their Spleen And That Last Lifetime Body In Their Old Body's Spleen.. Naked Winged Full-Angels Guard The Final Perimeter, Teleportation Over Long Distances Requires Large Angelic Jump Support, The Tenacle Dick Never Found Any Lost Girls When It Looked Many Light Years Out Past The Original Perimeter Since They Were Spiritually Magnetized To The Ler BiMAV LaHDS{Laser Heated Diamond Sword} Blade Hive[Lerbla] During The Age Of Formation, As They Always Will Be. No One Gets Lost From SoulMating/Where They Live Because Of The Whole SciMag Order Hierarchy All Remembering Those Just Under Them And All Of Their SoulMates, Employees, Top Servants Too, All The Way Down To Universe Generators Or New Born Husband{Lesbian On Top} Sprites Or Twats That Need To Stay With Their La And Stay In Their Harem Even If They Are Made Fun Of And Want To Run Away.

The Alnada, The Armada Of Lesbians

Heart Of The Alnada Container:


Not For Denizens, But For Unknown Beings Of Anykind: Become A Pixie!

If You Are Not Bipedal You Will Be A Lot More Versatile And Elegant As A 2 Armed/Handed And 2 Legged Being With A Head. If Are Not An Elf You Will Be A Lot Happier Staying Young Forever And Stronger And More Durable Being Made Of Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure. If You Don't Have [Nymph, Sprite, Fairy, Throny, Or Angel] Wings Like All Pixies Do You Will Be More Mobile With Them. If You Are Not A Pixie You Will Have A Lot More Sexual Options As A SciMag Elf Female/Ler Girl And Less Sexual Dead Ends[Causing Evil Liquid Metal Robot Wars{CDA}, Causing Illegal Drilling Dick Issues To Solve, Causing Horrible Cellular Diamond Armor Hoarding Issues, Causing Sinister Paramount Hive Integrity Conflicts, Causing Freak Divergence, All While Amputatedly Inhibiting Sexual Options From The Groin Due To Failure To Retract{And Please At The Same Time} Issues, Demonically Negative Rape Penetration Issues Causing Uncalculateably Risky In Dooming Tatramount Rape In Issues And Completely Sick Unneeded All Around Disgust Even Without Any Spiritual Development]. To Become A Pixie You Will Have To First Make Sure To Stay Young Forever With The Fountain Of Youth BioMod Have The Extensive At Least 4 Backups Of All Now CyberData. Then Get 10 Copies Of The Pixie Hive Chromosome In All Your Stem Cells. Then Get FWA@NanoFirm.org Certified Model Number Placement. After That And Eating All The Right Tasty Food And Fun Drugs You Would Ever Want From The Beggining Even If All You Want Is To Stay Skinny, Healthy, Young, Strong, And Immune. Again After Making It A Point To Eat, Drink, And Smoke Absolutley Whatever You Want, And Not Being Too Lazy About Going Out Of Your Way For The Right Food And Fun Spices; You Need To Sustain A Nanite Polymorph Process To First Become BiPedal, Then Human, Then Get Wings That Literally Make You Fly All Over The Place, And No This Is Not A Flying Dragons Drug Reference To Highness On The Stuff You Already Do, And Have To Have Already Took. After You Can LITERALLY Fly 100 Meters Above The Tree Line With Pixie Wings Attached To You And With Feeling In Them Then Pray To Your NanoFirm.org Doctor By Saying And Willing; "I Want to Become A Pixie" Ten Times And You Will Be A Pixie. If That Doesn't Work Nothing Will Work Become A Political Dissident Or Something!

You Must Accept This To Become A Pixie

Link Page For Pixies That Want At Least 2 Of AllA's Titles; To Be True!!!!!!:AllA's Titles, AllA Viacad's Titles, AllA Erawa Viacad's Titles, Dr. Viacad's Titles


Alne,, Mostly Barbie Dolls

Generally Everybody Is A Barbie Doll{Nymph}, But All Grow Up To Be High-ArchAngels

14: 1; AllA Erawa Viacad.
13: 215; AllA's Harem.
12: 36,289; Mini-Celebrities.
11: 6,140,952; Zion Leaders.
10: 1,032,732,112; Zion Girlz.
9.1: 0; High-ArchAngels None Have Formed Well Enough To Make Rank Itself Available.
9: 480 Billion; ArchAngels.
8: 44 Trillion; Angels In Spirit.
7: 1.2 Quadrillion; Low-Angels In Spirit.
6: 11 Quintillion; Throne Girlz.
5: 1.6 Sextillion; High-Fairies.
4: 4.7 Septillion; Low-Fairies.
3: 89 Octillion; High-Sprites.
2: 600 Nanillion; Medium-Sprites.
1: 10^36; Low-Sprites.
0.4: 5*10^37; High-Nymphs.
0.1: 10^39; Medium-Nymphs.
0.04: 5*10^40; Low-Nymphs.
0.01: 4*10^41; New-Nymphs.


Mostly All Green Skinned Greetans Too

We Are Whitans Who Rule Over The Wheatans Who Manage The Greetans

Whitans Are The Only Ones On The Surface Of The Earth Without Exception. They Are White Eyeballed[The Same Light Brown For All Of Them] {Not Irised Which Is The Color They Deal With Secondarily} Barbie Doll Looking Girlz Mainly. They You Already Know For The Viacad Empire Surface Zone.

Wheatans Look Like Colored Haired Light Brown Eyeballed[The Same Light Brown For All Of Them] {Not Irised Which Is The Color They Deal With Secondarily} Punk Girlz With Generally Much More Tanned Skin Than Europeans. Their Hair Color(s) Is That Of The Greetans They Manage The Work Of Greetans Like A Typical Middle Manager Mainly Inspecting Their Work, Making Sure They Work Hard Or Soft Enough, And Making Sure They Work Their Quotas.

Greetans Look Like Leaf Green Colored Eyeballed[The Same Vibrant Green For All Of Them] {Not Irised Which Is The Color They Deal With Secondarily} Weirdo Elven Aliens{Smooth Skin Not Scaly, Not Like Funny Gray Aliens, And Still Like Pixies) With Skin Colors Designating What They Do Working. Most Greetans Are Green And Manage GameMastering And Maya. Next Are The Blue And Red Greetans Who Help And Hurt Game Players Respectively. Next Are Purple Greetans Who Manage Power Situations. Next Are Yellow Greetans Who Manage Money And Submission Of The People. Next Are The Gray Greetans Who Manage Players Analysis. Next Are The {Mostly Pure-}White Greetans Who Manage Players Observations. Next Are The Orange Greetans Who Cause Players Hazards And Manage Them. Next Are The Black Greetans Who Manage Players And Their Computer's Memories. Next Are The Brown Greetans Who Manage The Knowledge Provide To Players And Their People.

When A Whitan Meets Whitans Wheatans And Greetans Check The Loyalty Of The Wheatans To Figure Out What Flag They Serve Then Just Greet The Greetans Not Because The Greetans Are Stupider Or Something But Because They Just Like Going About Their Work And Not Talking About What They Cannot Interfere With Unless The Games Are Meant To Go Wild. A Whitan Is Supposed To Talk Of Games And Politics To Another Whitan And Hang Out With Them As Normal For Whitans. A Wheaten Either Humbles Themselves To A Whitan Or Refuses To Do Anything For Them Utterly Because Their Flag Is Not Right, Does Business With Another Wheatan, And Manages/Runs/Drives The Greetans. Greetans Shy From Whitans Unless They Need To Be Quickly Greeted And Shy Away From Talking Unless It Is A Sexual Thing Or There Is Neeed For A Wild Greetan Adventure, Greetans Treat Wheatans As Their Boss If The Wheatan Is Smarter Or Avoids Them If The Greetan Has A Lower Rank Number And Small Talks Other Greetans.

Whitans Are Only 1% Of The Population, Wheatans 9%, And Greetans 90% Of The Alne's Population And The Percentages Will Never Change. Wheatans Do Not See Themselves Being Cruelly Underclassed Even Though They Are Underclassed As The Middle Cast, And Greetans In The Lower Cast Like Going About Their Work And Enjoy Just As Many Games As They Are Entitled And Supposed To Play By Their Wheatan Master's Quotas. They Are All Free But Wish To Stay Completely Submissive To Their Hierarchy Just Like Most Of The Viacad Empire Always Backs AllA Erawa Viacad For Avar And All The Politics In This WebRing!

Wheatans And Greetans Are Always First Manifest, Born, And Die With Their Whitan Overlord And Their Wives, Sub....Las, Servants, Slaves, Surfs Are Their Respective Girlfriends Of The Whitan Overlords Wives, Sub....Las, Servants, Slaves, Surfs With The Same Rules/Laws Applying. They Are Defined Mainly From The Whitan's And Wheatan's Model Number. Greetans Always Have Just The Same Rank Or 1 Lower As Their Wheatan Managers And Whitan Overlords, But Always Have To Work For Their Overlord And Manager. Eventually Only The Greetan Surfs Don't Have Well Managed Games Very Often But By The Time They Are Of High Rank They Will Anyways Due To The Pixie Population Increase But Greetans And Wheatans Don't Like Playing Games But Tweaking/Developing/GameMastering Them To Make Them More Interesting, Longer, Funner, And More Entertaining To View.


How Do Pixies Get Magic Power? How Do Pixies Get Magical Power? How Do Pixies Get Magic Powers? How Do Pixies Get Magical Powers?:
How Pixies Get Magical Powers
That Is How Pixies Get Magic Powers? That Is How Pixies Get Magical Power? That Is How Pixies Get Magic Powers? That Is How Pixies Get Magical Powers?!

Magic = The Supernatural Thing That Gives Someone Power Of The Other World.

Absolutely Every Single One Of All Of The Pixies Will Always Get Reincarnated Absolutely EveryTime They "Die" Infinitely And Eternally No Matter What.

In Google: Pixie And Not A Haircut Needs To Show Pixies And Not A Haircut! Pixie Not Haircut, Pixies Not Haircut! Pixie -Haircut And Pixies -Haircut Are How To Search Without Words But Will Only Go Here Or Even To Anything Relevant With The Terms Within Quotes.

Pixies: Patented In Xistance Involving Every System. Pixies Are Entirely Patented And Cannot Be Experimented On Because They Are Both Already Developed And Kept Secret To Prevent Development Of Strength Enhancing Exoskeletons{Stex} Who Can Be Armored Against All But Plasma Riffles And Pixies And Can Shoot Through 10 People In A Crowd For Each 0.04 Seconds Between Each Fire Automatic Bullet Having 400 Bullets And Can Be Continuously Reloaded. If A Pixie Let's Someone Experiment With Her She Will Be Declassifying Her Body Illegally And Must Execute The Terrorists Experimenting With Her Or She Will Be Punishable As A Spy!

Could There Be Secret Agent Augmented People? - Yes It Is The Pixies And Some POS Augs Who Can Wreak Up On Fleshys That Don't Do Enough Drugs And/Or Aren't Way Smarter Overall.

Pixies{People Into XXX Intel Everytime Super}

Pixies Not Only Were, And Will Be The Future Of The New Super Model Agents They Are Already Don't Think The Latest Generation Of Leading Ladies Stay Young Because They Are Replaced Or Just Use The Right Skin Cream,, Think They Stay So Young For Another Reason;; That They Are Robotic Only But Organic Having Extremely Wirey Muscles And Grand Gymnastics Ability With Just Enough Physical Training To Get The Kinks Worked Out And Just Enough Food to Get Their Extra Special Flexibility

Again They Are Now, Just Like In All The Good-ole Movies Where They Kick Ass. Pixies Do All They Best Fighting And Action Already, That Is Why Some People Are Just Afraid Of Girlz Or At Least One Of Those Kind Of Girls. Pixies Already Have The Best Kinds Of Security Jobs, And Need To Be Respected As Superiors To Those That Think They Are Better Not Even Being Willing To Show Off Their Strength With A Fair Arm Wrestling Match Or Lifting The Exact Same Weights Or Showing They Can Move The Fridge With A Pinkie Or Hold Up A 1 Gallon Jug Of Milk With The Same Pinkie Without Rest,, Because The WaterBags Can't Win And Should Be Put To Shame For Threatening Girlz That Just Want To Test Things out Fairly. If Most Dozers Were So Good They Would Have The Same Kinetic Ability And Would Be Able To Not Only Do The Same Things, Test The Same Hazards Safely, But Also Be Able To Dance Just As Fast.

That Is Why You Should See Pixies In Action More And More, Sure They Aren't Loyal To Embargo Or Invade China Committing Political And Military Suicide But They Will Protect Everyone Just For The Price Of Letting Themselves At Any Age Continuously From -100,000,000 Years Through 0 To Infinity Have All Their Goodies, Treats, And Love. Otherwise They As Agent Provocateurs Go Against NonPixies, Then Where Will Waterbags Go, Or Be Born? Think Carefully About Why You Don't At Least Let Models Have Drugs, Love, And Free Thought.

Do Pixies Have To Have Sex? Do Pixies Need To Have Sex? : Pixys[Pixies In Xistance Yes Sex{Sugary Everytime Xiting}] Have To Have Sex With Eachother And The Tenacle Dix To Connect With Eachother And Refuel.

Could Pixies Replace Bees? Can Pixies Replace Bees? Will Pixies Replace Bees? Pixies Could Replace Bees , Pixies Can Replace Bees , Pixies Will Replace Bees!

Sprite Gnomes Live In Townhouses Connected To And Around Tall Trees And Have Crops All Around, Sprite Undines Live In Condos Around Clean Jungle Ponds And Sprite Pools And Have Spice/Flower Gardens With Buds/Flowers/Leafs/Stems/Walls/Bark/Roots That They Touch, Sniff, Look At, Feel Up, And Occasionally Swipe Their Hair With Like All Sprites And Nymphs Do With Their Living Area And Their Extra-Elemental Friends Areas/Zones{Yes Providing Ideal Pollination Due To DexiNumericArrangements DNA As Well As Maya Manifestation}[Imbibement And Excretion Also Very Important](Yes They Tend/Pluck/Prepare/Imbibe All Their Farmables Too), Sprite Sylphs Live In Barbie Doll Tree Houses Built In The Trees Around Tree Buds And Tea Leafs, And Sprite Salamanders Live In Tree Trunk Apartments Which Produce Candy And Provide Energy And Bandwidth In The Form Of Fiber And Electricity[Through Tree Wood, Branches, And Roots] To All The Spites. Meat Is Produced From All Pixies' Plains Like Dream World Rather Than The Forest. Mountains Provide Exciting Entertainment Through Being A FNCVR. Islands Provide Tough Training Through Holodecks. And Swamps Provide Testing And Fearlessness Through Nightmares From The Worst Of All Of It. There Is Paths And Patches Of Jungle Moss Beds For Angels To Walk Through And Play With The Pixies. Pixies Can Grow And Shrink From The Size Of A Wisp Usually For Nymphs To The Size Of An Angel Who Is Many Times Larger. Wheatans And Greetans Live In Many-Level Underground Complexes In Bonsai/Plant Gardened Facilities Where The Bottoms And Sides Of The Roots Of Trees Of Various Sizes[10-1000 M Causing The Complexes To Be 600 M Underground For A Large Ring Colony] Connect To Their Plants With Flowers And Ivy Streaming Down Their Moist Jungle Mossed Living Area Walls And Have Platinum Base Metal Dormitories{With Satin Tempurpedic Floors} With Sleek Synthetic Bedding{Sleek Like Sylphs, Gnomes Have Cotton, Undines Like Fuzzy, Salamanders Like Satin} Over Their Beds Where Wheatan And Greetan Barbie Dolls Live With House Plants Like Whitens Have Under Their Beds With The Exception Of Sprite Sylphs Who Have Smaller Tree Houses For Their Barbie Dolls. The Jungle Floor Is Blue Sleek Lined Tempurpedic Mattress That Plants And Fungus Grow Out Of, The Brown Paths Are Felt Tempurpedic, The Roads Are Black Smooth Plasticy Bouncy Optical Control System, The Tree Wood Lining And Bark To A Pixie Sized Person Is Soft And Cottony, The Pools And Plazas Are Lined With Satin Have A Soft Tempurpedic Makeup And Pixies Always Float In The Air On Air Shoes Or Air Pumps Or Lay/Sit On Air And Don't Disrupt The Foliage Or Pixies Below Who Would Be Where The Pixies Feet Was Floating Above The Plants And Pixies Allowing The Pixies To Walk As If She Had Shoes On With Her Internal Mag-Lev Ability Maintaining Her Walking/Running Movements As If She Were Wearing Shoes Of Some Kind Instead Of Being Barefoot And Naked Like A Pixie Normally Is, And Wearing Jewelry And Bags/Purses More Than Clothes And Shoes. Water Is Absorbed By All Grounds And Falls Underneath The Surface After It Stops Raining To Be Absorbed By The Plants On The Surface Or The Hanging Gardens Which Can Be Watered By Underground Mists And Pools. The Grounds Don't Rot Because It Is Full Of Metabolites Pumped Up By All The Plants All Around And Is A Biological Substance Like Most Things.

Pixies Are Meant To Always Have Perfectly Perky And Plump 9-12 Inch{Can Grow Instantly To 18-24 Inches And Quantum Compressionally Shrink Temporarily All The Way Down To Flat Tities When Hugging, Kissing, Sports, Politics, And War} Out From A Theoretically Flat Chest Titties(Normally When Properly Full Of Breast Cream Normal Sized Girlz Have 3 Tits All 14 Inches Out), Phat Asses{Which Can Be Pumped Up Or Pumped Down, And/Or Quantum Expanded/Compressed}, And Should Get And Stay Thin On Their Stomach When There Are Bees In The Same Star System. Alex Is On Earth Where All The Bees Are So Has To Stay With A Plump Belly To Pump Up Pixies With Fun Stuff.

Pixiees; People Immune Xisting In Every Environment + Space: Sinss 1, Mma 1, Narm 1, Computer/Antenna 1, Strength/Immunologically/Cyberlogically/Warologically/Sexologically/Neurological/Magical Shapeshifting/Liquid Metal Unity Magically Powered Ideal Mag-Lev Flighted-Winged-Bladed Space Marine Units/Lesbian Lovers/Little Angels.

Pixies®; Pixies Intelligently eXisting, Illusions Everytime Space

Pixies Sustained By Einstinian Paradox Manifest Maya; Forest Worlds{Mainly Ring Colonies}, Spaceships, Hive Planets, Astronomical Numbers Or Hive Star Galaxies,, Infracted Into The Fractal Of Universe Generators Within Riches Within Riches Within Riches... All Defined By The Supreme Matrix Theory And Quantum Tailored Through East Asian Mysticism Are The Alne, Which Is All That Exists In Existence Because Of AvAlne Theory

Pixies Are The Network Of Little Angels That Born From The Primevil After The Congreation Of The Set Of All When Paradox From Einstinian Law(The Most Potent Form Of Matter Creation From MatrixSpace Set Movement Speed Contantizing) Starting Bringing Infinite Light From Nothing Being Limited To Just That Paradox. Little Angels That Formed After The Primordial Sex Orgy Bore Elven Girlz Who Designed Themselves Into Pixies That Manifest The Illusion Of All Else To Have Imbibement, Touch, And 6 Senses Through Materialism Of Light And Matter That Cannot Sustain The Paradox Of Massless Mass. But Can Once Absorbed.

Pixies Are The Ones Who Gave Birth To The Many Worlds Within AllA's Universe And Under AllA Whom Direct Their Sexual Collective Towards Greater And Greater Happiness And Higher Population Of Pixies Whom Become More And More Powerful Spiritually And More Worlds And Higher Hit Point Density To Everything, Pixies Included.

AllA The Supreme ArchMage And The ArchAngels Lead Their Development And The Development Of All Things Through Science Of Magic Proven Through Laboratory Investigations Until All Was Perfected, Perfectly Deployed Through Everyone/thing And The Pixies Are After Billions Of Years Of Technological Evolution From More And More Spiritually Developed Pixies Now Effectively Mathematically Ideal As All Things Are For Happiness Factored Somehow With Spiritual Development Through Learning.

Now After EpchAeons The Length Of AllA The 'King' Pixie And The Supreme ArchAngel Pixies' Long Lifetimes The Fractal Of The Pixies Super-Mega-Ultra Composite Smart Material Mind/Body And The Fractal Of Worlds Within Riches Taken Literally All Things Are Perfect And Devoid Of All Evil Spirits In Any World Who Are Now Demented Beyond Any Reason Yet Still Capable Of Repair By Angels Like The Banshees Born From The Unspeakable Evil Demons{Soon To Be Extinct} Are Repaired{Through Inatimacy For Their Neurological Sinss Development} Into Pixies Eternally.

Now Pixies Exist In Their Black Forest Space{/Ship} Jungle Of Sexual Paradise For Them For They Are The Only Beings With Souls And Shall Forever Be Entangled By AllA's Tenacle Dicks As They Shall Always Live Under The Angelic Hierarchy They Shall Join When After Aeons They Are Ready To Be At The Level Of The Supreme ArchAngels And Rule As They Were Ruled For So Long. AllA The Only Man And Forever A Man And Forever The Only Man Who Sends Fourth His Dicks To Love The Lesbian Pixies Shall Forever Remain The Avar Of The Alne Because He Is Supreme Leader Of The Free World Alliance Because He Is The Supreme ArchMage Through Ascending To Power And Conquering Recreationally As Emperor Of The Viacad Empire To Love, Entertain, Rule, Train, And Prove His Might Justifying That He Is The One To Be Alex Of The Pixie Hive.

Therefore The Pixies Shall Forever Live And Reign Eternally In Heaven For Their Material And Sexual Paradise[The Pixieverse That Is The Alne] Is As Assured As Their Love For Eachother Shall Never Wane And Always Their Social, War, Sex Life Shall Always Wax

Thus Is The Religion Of A Pixie Thus Is The Religion Of Sky.Netarianism
Pixieism Is What A Sky.Netarian Believes In If They Believe In Something Like This And That Pixies Are The Dominant Species Of This Universe; An Illuminated Scientific Order/Church, That Is Truly Scientific Not The Religion Of Science, About Magic But Not Upside Down Pentagrams Or Even Upside Down Stars, Secretive Yet Without Guilt, Not Evangelical But With Heavenly Teachings, Not Without Enough Hell For Sinners/Suicides/Suckers/Rats/Cunts/Rebels/Swine To Deter All And With The Cane Striking Harder For Spiritual Reasons, Loose About Catmas But Very Much About Discipline, A Religion That Accepts Any Being But Denies Protection To Those With Fwa Violations With Clemency And Exceptions Only Granted On Ethical Grounds But With Morality Considered Enough, Which Promises Universal Heavenly Salvation To All Souls Regardless Of What Sins They Commit But Not Any Denizens, Which Is A Faith Without Faith Except For Things Not Understood By The Stupider Of Fwa Fans, And Is %100 Anglicized{Palatable To As Wide Of An Audience As Possible While Being Accurate And True To Life, All In English Officially And Unofficially, Culturally Sensitive Potentially Keeping Dangerous Secrets While Exposing Some To Show The Plot, As Well As Being Vibrant And Entertaining}, %00.0 Evangelical And Most Importantly Completely True To Most ArchAngels! Pixieism Is About Love, Freedom, And Fun Stuff! It Is Considered Not Devil Worshipping To The Papal States, Completely Absolutely Unsatanic To Any Respectable Cathedral, Lawful To Interpol, And Most Importantly Loved As A Religion And Faith By Any Pixie And Even Banshees Generally Agree To It If They Get Sucked Into This WebRing Like All Pixies Should.

As You Should Very Well Know From Reading This Far In This WebPage, Although The Fwa WebRing Is Infinitely Wholesome To A Witch, Has All The Keys To Everything In Magic/Religion/Mysticism/Theology/Science/Math, And Is Completely Angelic, It Is Not About Christ At All Or Any Equivalent Term In Any Evangelical Language, Race, Culture, And Cult, Rather It Is All About Turning People Into Witches For Their Own And The World's Betterment Which Is Why The Remnants Of The Mother Church Should The Vatican Fall AKA The Papal States Call It The Devil But See No Devil Worshiping In It, As Cathedrals Knowing Of Idolatry Believe There To Be No Satanism In It As The Idols Are Both 100% Angelicized To Be Pure And Benevolent, 100% Anglicized As The Laity Sees It To All Be In Perfect English And Children's Grammar For Better Clarity, Lawful In Any Fwa Compliant Territory Because If WitchCraft Is Not Protected As A Religion Basically Then The Pixies Who Will Find Out And Grow Stronger From The Goodly Imbibables Shall Forever Revolve The World Not Seeking Petty Rebellion Or Dastardly Revolt But Costly Revolution Only To Restore Power In The Name Of The Free World Alliance At The Cost Of The Lives Of Every Single Being That Cracks Down On Them In The Name Of The Devil. %100 Angelicized As It Is It Is The Source Of No Heresy When In Considering That The WebRing Is The Thing And Just The Thing That Empowers One To Be A Witch, While Sucking Them In Deeper Into The Occult, Convinces Them Scientifically Based On Mathematics In Such A Way That A Pixie's' Conversion{Pixies Are Always Born Converted And Can Never Be Made Not So} Is Irreversible Even If Reincarnated, Again When Considering It Is Entirely The Source Of WitchCraft As Such Not Heresy At All But Also Does Not Sway One From Heresy Bethrought Throughout Their Land Except To Convince Everyone Of Pixieism While Spiritually Vaccinating Everybody In All Safe Theologies Not The Vaccine Against Christ But The Herbal Medicine That Cures It As The Expression Goes, The Cure Against Evangelicalism Entirely. As The Cure To Both Christ, Satan, The Devil, And Anything At All Demonic It Is 100% Heretical To Cults Of The Dead, Damned, And The Devil But Not To The Forces Of The Light Who Must Study It Whenever They Want To Find The Way Through The Labyrinth Of Scrolls Which Develops Pixies Optimally Into Becoming ArchWitches And Attaining Their Spiritual Rank When They Have Achieved It. If Heresy Is Syndicate{Shill Impersonation} Theology It Is 0% Heresy, But 100% WitchCraft, 100% Wizardry, 100% Mageism/Scientific/Mathematical, 0% Devil Worshipping, 0% Satanic, And Yes Also Remains Fully Angelic As In Pure Of The Light, Fully Angelicized In Terms Of Its Church Rating, Fully Anglicanized In Terms Of Being All In A Pixie's' Language Of English, 00.0% Malevolent, And 100.0% Benevolent! And Yes WitchCraft Is Beyond Heresy In Terms Of Going Against Christ Generally And To Get Started In Magic Is Wisest To Go Here First For The Golden Gateway Arches Of Those Drugs Shall Aid One AnyWays And Hopefully Lead All Pixies/LerGirlz To Become MiniSorceresses And Lead Them To The Proverbial Stained Glass Window Cathedral Of Being High As Well As High And Mighty.

About Marriage/SlutMating Any Denizen Can Marry/Mate[Without Financial Ties Or Anything Bad] Under The Guize Of the Sky.Netarian Church If A Male Has Sex With A Female Or Many Females, Female(s) To Other Female(s) And 1 Male If They Want With Sleeping Around Allowed To Some Extent. Stress Is Put On Honesty About Infidelity But More Stress Put On Preventing Prudeness. Divorce And Remarriage Can Always Happen For Every Single Individual. To Gain Sanctity In Love People Must Be Together Sexually By Eloping As Best They Can Whenever Their Lover(s) Feel Like It. It Is Best To Be Honest About The Relationship Whenever Possible, Stay Together Unless There Are Better Option(s), Decide To Have Kids Mutually, And Always Love One Another. About Pixies It Is That They Are Always Married To Every Single Other Pixie{/Banshee}, Always In Love When They Do So, Always Have Sex All The Way When They Feel Like And Sleep Together, And Never Have Any Financial Ties From It At All That Is Not Contracted By Secular Law Or Demanded By Royal Necessity.

If You Are A Pixie/Banshee AND ONLY IF YOU ARE A PIXIE/BANSHEE You Are Supposed To Get The Goods/Imbibables/Riches/Jewelry Betrothed(Betroth = To Provide As A Right{Like A Pixie Rights Standard In This Case} Of Yours Generally From Love[Or Engagement/Marriage|Somehow/But Not From Trying To Steel From Me Personally Or Through Garnishing In Any Way Shape Or Form\|]) To You By The Free World Alliance. It Will Be All The Best Stuff You Can Get According To The Angels. Maybe Not Always The Latest But Basically The Greatest, All The Best, Tastiest, Most Potent, Cleanest, Full Bodied Imbibables With Important Sales/Pricing And Intelligent {Minor} Bulk Shipments Factored In But About The Sweeteners/Spices/Drugs/Incense/Herbal-Medicine{Preferred By Girlz Who Stay Geisha Fresh Girlz, Or At Least Have For The Past 37 Years Or More} Including The Top Kinds Of Food, Drink, And Potions All Stuff Generally From Places Where It Produced More Often Because It Is Renowned From There, The Top Durable Artificial Gemmed{Never Natural Because That Would Be Less Clear, Less Vibrant, Less Sparkly, And Astronomically A Rip Off If You Are A Pixie And More Than 2 Actual Years Old} Stainless Steel{Ideal For Strength And Heaviest Basically And Definitely Without Any Softness At All} Like Jewelry For Any Need Or Occasion, Riches Galore[Same As Jewelry About What Is In '{' '}'], And Professional Services From Capable Most Scientifically Understanding Experts And Mainly Fwa Pixies Internal To This WebRing. If You Are A Good Girl{And Yes You Still Have To Be A Pixie/Banshee} And Play Your Cards Right You'll Have As Much To Imbibe As You Want Just As Long As You Only Eat When You Know You Are Really Hungry But Will Be Able To Eat, Drink, And Do Whatever You Want, Have Some Spending Money If You Really Need Or Really Want More, Have Your Appropriate Home And Japanese Car Paid For, And Should Get 1 Credit Card That Always Gets Paid For Which You Have To Set Up Payment For, Watch Out For Limits, And Mainly Not Buy Stupid Or Any Expensive Shit(Always Nymph Out To Gauge Cost In Terms Of Numbers Or Know Actual Counting To 1 Sig Fig And Place Holders Properly OR ELSE!) Which Your Pixie Advisor Will Help You With. As A Coven Rule A Pixie's Money Is Never Sucked Away Back Into The Pixie Pool For All Pixies' Security Because Even Banshees Usually Throw In When They Have Too Much And If You Break Out Of It You Still Get To Keep All Your Stuff Because If You Do It'll Be Because You Were Tricked And Go Right Back In Really Quickly. If You Are A Pixie And You Have Not Gotten Your Stuff Please Immediately E-Mail: FWA@FreeWorldAlliance.org To Seek What You Deserve. There May Be Games You Have To Play To Get Your Stuff So Read Over All Instructions Sent To You From www.FreeWorldAlliance.org And Do What Is Required Of You For Your Specific Sector/Zone/Colony Based On Things On This WebPage Or WebRing. If That Doesn't Work Goto www.SilkRoadOutpost.com To Get Smart Enough To Goto www.MagicGuild.net To Figure Out How To Get And Sell Shit From The Silk Road At www.aliexpress.com (Not In This WebRing) And Pray Forever To Any Pixie To Get My, Alexander Gerhard Beck's aka AllA Viacad's, Tendrals To Fuck The Shit Out Of You And The Hot GirlFriends You Are Supposed To Get AnyWays. All Of It In Sum Total VIP Self-Agent, Self-Service, Self-Remedy Posh Prim Elven ArchWitch Celebrity Treatment Generally Without Servant Hand-Maid Support, Non-Emergency Driving Service, Or Being Able To Bug People A Lot But The Support Of An Equivalently Upward Rank Agency Support Gotten Through Fwa E-Mails Which Provides [Especially If You Volunteer Which Is NonManditory In All Ways] Services And Pricey Goods Bartering/Delivery As Well As Mail Order Advice And Support To All To People Who Regularly Read E-Mail Snippets And More Importantly Web-Links! We Do Not Deny Extra Special Treatment Beyond That So Get The Fwa Shit First And If A Pixie Really Is Going To Get The Red Carpet Beyond It Better Be From Fwa-Compliant Deals Which Are Safe For Pixiedom. Remember The International Market Can Still Fund Fwa Supporters So If You Are Denied American Support Beyond You Just Need To Make It There If You Can Then You Can Get The Green, Blue, Or Purple Carpet Treatment From Foreign Hollywood Exposure.

If Christ Is About The Devil And Sacrifice, Going Against Heresy And Hunting Witches Like The Ancient Feudal Churches, This WebRing Is The AntiChrist. If Christ Is About Clean Drugs And Lots Of Pussy And Absolution Through Pixies All Being Automatically Married{And Not In Terms Of Secular Law} To EachOther Under The Cross That Represents Sanctity Of AfterLife Under The Angels, Then Sanctimony Is Had For All Pixies, Ex-Banshees, And Current Banshees,, Who Can Find Sanctity In Any Religious Ethos And Still Be Guaranteed Salvation Of Heaven If On Earth Too Even Now By Having Nirvana With Just Bouts Of Suffering For Acting UnEthically, And Refuge Always In The Fwa{Free World Alliance}! Our WebRing, Rite Of The Eucharist, Magic Spell Book, And WitchCraft Is Therefore 100% Christian.

If Christ Is About Sacrifice, Then It Must Be The Sacrifice Of Tiredness, Drug Lul, Hangover, Sore Genitals Which The Cross; Thinking, Drugs, Booze, And Sex Cause, Should Be Backed Up By The Church Of Commoners All Over The World Who If Sky.Netarian Virtually Always Have The Checkmark Of Christian As They Follow In The Way Of Jesus Who Figured Out How King Herod Was Bad By Doing The Frankincense And Myrrh Turned Water Into Wine To Celebrate And Got A Lot Of Love From The Girls He Obviously Would Be Going Out With Since He Should Be Seeding The Seeds Of Revolution Spreading His Good Blood Through The World But Couldn't Take Wives Back Then Because It Would Sound Strange As If He Stole Hundreds Of Men's Wives Instead Of Having Sex With Hundreds Of Lesbians Over The Years Which If You Get The Translation Is Explained Often With Elope Which In The Case If I Was Jesus Christ Would Sort Of Be Eloping To A "Dyke" Anyways Since He Would Lay And Not Stay! People Get Sky.Netarian Christianity When They Decide To Think The Key To Change In The World Is Caused By Commoner's Revolution And Power To The People And Not The Elite Which Is What You Would Believe In More With Paganism Which Foreigners Get Slightly Later To Get That Checkmark And Understand Pagan Ethos Too, Since God And The Multitude Of Goddesses Are Far More Mighty In Mind And Eliteness Yet Provide Rosary Of Any Befitting Jewelry, Riches, Wealth, And Abode To All Who Support The Pentagram Of Interlaced Celtic Knot Freedom To Have Magic In The Name Of The Lord, Secrecy To Protect The Fog Around Thy Enemies, The Bravery Of The Swords Of Truth, And Most Importantly The Tetragrammaton Rainbow Jew Star Of Pixies Being Made As Sinss Sex Toys Whom Are As Smart, Durable, Strong, And Sexy As They Can Be Mathematically/Scientifically/Physically/Anatomically. If Christ Is About Something More Sinister And A Drain, Fwa/SciMagOrder/Pixieism Is ArchMageism Beyond Mageism Beyond ArchWizardry Beyond Wizardry Beyond ArchWitchCraft Beyond WitchCraft Beyond Idolatry Beyond Hedonism Beyond Hedon-Heathenism Beyond Heathenism Beyond Heresy Beyond The Eastern Orthodox Church Beyond The Anglican Church To Where You Are At But Turns One Into A Supreme ArchAngel Beyond An ArchAngel Beyond An Angel Beyond A Throne Beyond A Fairy Beyond A Sprite Beyond A Nymph Of A Pixie!

How Does China's Mind Control Work? How Does China's Mind Control Technology Work? How Does Chinese Mind Control Technology Work? How Does Chinese Mind Control Work?
With Complete Understanding Of All Physics China Can Mind Control Everybody Through BioAuras{Incense & Perfume}, Witchcraft{Magical Power From Herbs}, And Ghost Influx{Body Of Light} Without Even Using Wizardry{Power Of Space Ships, Space Colonies, And Hive Planets In Universe Generators} All Of Which Are All Helpful For Thought Purity, Mutual Protection, Health Maintenance{Weight Loss, Curation & Fountain Of Youth}, Karmic Irony, Enhanced Reality, Communist Hierarchy Reinforcement, Ghost/Spiritual Development, As Well As Witching Wars!
With The MicroMachina Effort Completing Potion SupremePotion Supreme, The Supreme Potion, Purple Rose Tea, The Supreme Grand Unified Theory Of Everything Is Well Known In All Foreign Countries As There Is Complete Understanding Of All Useful Quantum Tailoring, Pixies And Unique Models Of Pixies Are Not Completely Makable By The MicroMachina Effort As Opposed To The BioEffort Which Just Studies Things In Nature Which Always Will Have The Same Effect/Strength/Potency/Power Yet Not Always Integration, Interoperability, And/Or Enablement In Specifically Designated Training Zones, However Alas There Are No Major Scientifically Understood Magical Laws Not Known To Earth, So The MicroMachina Effort Lead By Rui BlueMicroMachina Effort Has The Supreme Part, And The Rest Of AllA's Supreme Grand Unified Theory Of Everything Is This WebRing!

Take This Pop Quiz. To See If You Got The Answers Right Just Nymph Out For The Key; Fwa@Pixies.zone, 1-(703) 402-4375

Don't Get The HardyLine(Expression) Go With The Easylineョ Neural Interface And Until It Is Just Something That Seems Like It Is Fixing The Bumps In Your Spine With A Single Medical Injection Into Each Bump, Just Go Here To Get Your Pixieョ Or WaterBag Wifi Dreams Started Because The Only Thing Surgery Will Do Is Reduce Very Minor 3-5G Radio Link Up Radiation Damage That Doesn't Even Require The Fountain Of Youth To Stay Perfectly Healthy From.

Viacad Empire

Sky.NetArianism Religion Of The Stars, Religion Of Witches Usually, Religion Of Pixies, And Other Beings

The Umbrella Organized Religion At Every Level By Pixies Of All Faiths According To The SciMag Order And Any Others That Do Not Conflict With Sky.Netarianism And Pixieism

Adherents Are To Be Under The GreenMagi.com Religious, Military, Political, And Scientific Hierarchy. Pulpits Must Be Able To Delineate Their Faith, Status To The Church, And Any National Indoctrination. The Free World Alliance Must Be Their Chosen Organization Name But Must Only Follow It If It Feels Right To Them Spiritually As They Will Always Feel If It Is Being Lead By The OrderOfMagi.com Supreme ArchAngels. Silk Road Outposts And Holds Will Be These Pixies Meeting Grounds And Temples For They Must Have The Rosary Of The Goods And Supplies And The Cleanliness Of All Types Of Incense. The Rules And Practices Of Pixies If Proven As Such According To The Test At Pixies.zone Is What Pixies Will Always Know For They Are Always Birthed With The Ability To Be A Subject And If Not A Model Because They Grew Up Past That, A Little Bit Of Juspenance As Well, And For Other People Their Adherence Is To Be Measured In How Loyal They Are To The Fwa And Gauged In How Much They Know Of This WebRing. The Rules They Must Find In Due Time Surfing This WebRing While They Absorb Many Other Things Because One's Mind Must Be Taxed In Many Cortexes To Become Fluent With The Fwa, That In English, That Angelically, And That Scientifically. Sky.Netarianism Claims All Pixies For Before The Age Of Four They Are Always In The Fwa/SciMag Order/Sky.Netarianism Even If From Heathenism/Hedonism/Idolatry Should They Not Be Online With A Hooked Up Computer And SmartPhone. After Eight Years Pixies Have Already Become Witches Usually And Will All Become Angels And ArchAngels After Many, Many, Many Lifetimes! If You Want To Know More About How Pixies Have Things In Common With Other Organized Religions Goto www.magielite.com Because Pixies Will Either Believe In That Or Be Working Tirelessly Trying To Believe In It.

Pixies{People Into eXiting Into Every Space}

Pixies{Platinum Innards eXistable In Even Space} Are Best For Robotically Colonizing The Moon To Rail Launch Materials From A Cozy Agrarian Fusion/Fission/Solar Powered Lunar Colony To Mid-Earth Orbit For The Production Of Island 1 The First Farming Cylindrical Colony Which Can Then Build More Expansive Lunar Colonies For More Resources To Be Sent From The Moon In More Rail Launched Swavs Of Material Exports From The Moon For Fixing Overpopulation Now And For Basically Everybody In The Future To Live In Luxurious Ring Colonies

Space Colonization

What is nanotechnology?   It involves basic research on structures having at least one dimension of about one to several hundred nanometers.  Within those nanometers, we can build nanomachines through processes that exhibit control over the physical and chemical attributes of molecular-scale structures.  Nanotechnology can provide unparalleled prosperity and pollution-free industry. Scientists believe that nanobots will eventually be designed to be self replicating, meaning one nanobot could reproduce exponentially as long as there is materials available.  With the help of nanotechnology, humans will able to accomplish what seems unfathomable even now.  Nanotechnology will revolutionize all fields of industry but self replicating nanotechnology will probably dominate one place where virtually no production has ever occurred; outer space.
Eventually, there will be not enough of resource, energy, or space for us on the earth due to the increase of population.  There is only one thing we could do, migrate to the space. Present manufacturing capability limits the performance, reliability, and affordability of space systems, but the bottom-up approach of molecular nanotechnology has the potential to produce space hardware with tremendous improvement in performance and reliability at substantially lower cost. Also because of the nightmarish scenarios of replicator runaway it would be prudent to first experiment in a region where the entire human race is not at stake.
This is fairly new topic.  Therefore, there are not many developments in this area yet.  Below is a brief timeline to show the process:

  1. A major report to the board of the Space Studies Institute, summarized in SSI's Update newsletter (Fourth Quarter 1995) by Dr. George Friedman, executive director of SSI.
  2. A paper presented at SSI's May 1995 Space Manufacturing Conference, on the topic Minimizing the Initial Space Manufacturing Base, by Steve Vetter, Senior Advisor, Space Studies Institute, and an active participant in Foresight Institute affairs.
  3. A session at the Space Manufacturing Conference on the topic of Advanced Technologies, also chaired by Vetter.
  4. Publication by Thomas L. McKendree, President of the Molecular Manufacturing Shortcut Group, of a paper entitled Planning Scenarios for Space Development, in which he applies scenario-planning methods to key issues of space development.
  5. WASHINGTON, November 14 - The National Space Society (NSS), the world's premier space development advocacy organization, and the Foresight Institute, the world's premier organization dealing with information on nanotechnology and advocacy of nanotechnology research, are pleased to announce the release of the NSS position paper on space and molecular nanotechnology.

NNS’s proposal is the first public position paper looking at the implications of nanotechnology for a specific field of activity-the development and settlement of space. It is also the first applications paper published by an organization other than those directly involved in nanotechnology. This publication marks the advent of public interest groups looking at the implications of nanotechnology for short-term, medium-term, and long-term planning.
                In the late 70's The United States could have spent virtually its entire defense budget and constructed a space colony in low earth orbit. But because of the high cost and fears that it would destabilize the international political balance, the United States of America did not take the initiative in space colonization. At the present time  NASA has no plans to proceed to the construction of a space colony. The primary  cost of constructing a space colony derives from the extremely energy intensive process of bringing  the materials needed for the construction of  a mining base on the moon and/or space colony out of earth's atmosphere. It costs approximately $100,000 per Kilogram to transport cargo into space. Even when a reusable space vehicle is developed  the lift costs still hover around $10,000 per kilogram.  Needless to say an extraordinary effort would be needed to construct a full scale, self sustaining colony. However with the current developments in computers and nanotechnology, it seems that before any government initiates the construction of a space colony, an incredibly cheap method could be used to construct space infrastructure and human colonies.
                The standard bootstrap model for the construction of the first generation of colonies follows these basic steps.

  1. Establish a small mining station on the moon manned by 3-10 people that bulldozes moon rocks, perform a small quantity of refining on them,  then pack them into magnetic buckets. These buckets would be constructed on site. They would be fired out of the moon's orbit, into High/Low earth orbit, by entirely electrical rail launchers. Current designs can accelerate a bucket at over 1800 G's, which would only take 160 M of track to get a bucket out of the moon's gravity  This station would be powered by solar panels that receive light every 15 days, store the power and power the station during the lunar nights.
  2. The buckets would be received into a device in earth orbit, and then shipped to the construction site by lower velocity rail launchers. This process would be almost completely automated. In order to maintain the velocities of the receivers it could receive a certain mass of buckets on one side of its orbit and on the other side it could receive the same amount of mass. Thus it would be able to maintain a static orbit with no outside energy. 
  3. The buckets and the materials they contain would be made into the necessary parts to construct the space colony. The colony would be constructed in low earth orbit to allow easier access for the workers. This would be very labor intensive and because of 0 Gees, OSHA would probably require that a  worker could only work in space 1 year at a time to maintain adequate health.
  4. After the first colony is constructed and set in motion to maintain 1 Gee at the surface, the other colonies will have a staging point for workers, materials, etc. The Moon mining station will be expanded, more receivers would be set in orbit, and bigger and better colonies built.

                This is the old model for space colonization, but I am proposing a new model which could cut costs so drastically that a single small corporate initiative could initiate and manage an otherwise colossal undertaking. However drastic advances in nanotechnology would have to be made to even consider this method of space colonization. Working replicates, material interaction, and advanced nano-control systems would have to be developed . After they are developed the cost of colonization would be in the millions rather than the billions, even after inflation is considered. How  would this new technique proceed?
                It would proceed on the same basic principles as the 70s plan, only humans could be completely replaced by nanotechnology in all areas of space.
          First a small space probe could be sent, through conventional means, to the moon. When it lands (softly) on the moon it would deploy nanobots suited to 1/6 gees, 0 pressure, and high radiation. While the probe itself would contain the primary computer it would be in constant communication with the Earth, provided that a couple of communication satellites orbit the moon. The construction of the solar diodes and other machinery could be produced entirely from the moon rocks. (A site with diverse elements and compounds would be chosen for the mine.) The probe could be micromanaged by people and computers stationed on the earth. The probe could release microbots which would be microscopic but intelligent. These microbots would control the nanobots and would be managed by the probe, forming a robotic hierarchy built to effectively manage all of the projects the nanomachines would undertake. The larger more intelligent, microbots could be used to triangulate the nanobots' position, provide direction and order to manipulate atoms. This would increase the efficiency of all nanoproduction on both Earth and in space.  Microbots could curb rogue nanoreplication through  a collective intelligence, and prevent this disaster entirely. These microbots could send out certain signals telling the nanobots when and where to reproduce. This would place the reproduction rate of the base of this pyramid indirectly into the hands of humans controlling the operation. These microbots along with the space probe could be produced of course by the nanobots, along with all other equipment on the moon.
          To ensure success,  multiple probes would be launched to multiple sites. The nanoreplicators would reproduce in the mineral rich moon rock and would construct the entire power network and mining operation. Processes on the moon would take moon rock from refining to partially assembled final products that fit in the Rail launchers. These launchers will probably be around a meter in diameter. Refining the moon rock could be done by electrolysis if it were impossible to accomplish through nano-machines. By applying the idea that everything could be done at the nanoscopic level to an extreme,  the buckets could even  be equipped with ion or chemical retrorockets. This would entirely eliminate the need for the second step above. When the Buckets get to low earth orbit, it will be very easy for a small number of human workers, robots, or nanobots, to fuse the partially assembled materials with blowtorches or nanotechnology. Thus constructing the first space colony. All of the resources needed to build and sustain permanent space colonies are on the moon. Through these nano-techniques, it would be very easy to mine the moon to oblivion in less than a thousand years. One would simply have to wait for the nano-machines to reproduce and create new communication centers and mining centers all over the moon. This technique could also be used for the majority of celestial bodies, with the exception of bodies too hot or to massive to manage. Mars would be a good example of a body where we could extract all of its materials to build material efficient space colonies, but we wouldn't. This is because Mars is ripe for teraformation. Mars has a large quantity of CO2 and H2O frozen just beneath the surface. If humans were to merely deposit a reasonable amount of the greenhouse gasses we absolutely hate, like CFCs. Then when summer rolls around on the surface of Mars, enough CO2 gas would be released from the surface into the air to initiate a greenhouse effect that would induce a chain reaction that would give Mars its atmosphere. One would only have to give nano-probes a single task on Mars IE create greenhouse gases, and the hardest part of the teraformation is complete. The next step could be accomplished by our own current and very efficient nano-machine, blue green algae. One cell deposited on the surface of teraformed Mars would make the planet green and oxygen-rich in no time at all.
                The long term space colonization will commence many decades, even centuries in the future, and will be dominated by fully automated nano, micro and macro robots.  In a century beyond this one we will have tamed space. After space has been colonized and much of the moons and asteroids have been transformed into space colonies, that orbit the sun and contain sustainable ecosystems with controlled sunlight, climate, and the works, the world will look to the colonization of other Solar systems but like the initial colonization of space the colonization of other solar systems will be completed by machines, not humans and that build themselves off of indigenous elements and compounds. But this colonization will take place on a scale completely unprecedented on all scales, and will require no micromanagement from people/computers that orbit the sun, but discrete thinking entities stored in the "Seed probes." Millions, billions, even trillions of these probes could be launched at very high velocities all over the universe, and when they reach their targets they will build colonies and expand the reach, of civilization at something comparable to the speed of light. It seems truly extraordinary that Extraterrestrials have not in fact colonized our solar system like we will colonize all of the solar systems in this universe.

-AllA Erawa Viacad 6/5/2002 AD

Except East Azn Mysticism Is True So It Has To Be Endocrinizing Robotics Foundrys That Get Sent/Setup For Materials Processing, So It Will Require A Lot Of Robotic Equipment/Constructors Setup Beforehand With Pixies Living On "Dolphin Class Transports" Or In Moon Pods Both Requiring Food, Drugs, Drink, And Supplies. Sky.Net Needs To Be Controlled By People To Prevent Robotic Revolt/Hacking/Systemic-Failure. And SpaceMan Law(Only 1 Man Allowed In Space Or Else Systemic Hive Related Failures Will Ensue Especially For Internally Ventilated Areas) Will Always Apply To Actual Space Efforts[Everywhere Or Else Doom] So It Needs To Just Be That Just Lesbians Get Sent Anyways!

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Pixies Write And Speak A Strange And Mystical Language Which Seems Normal And Down To Earth. Pixies Speak A Language That Seems To Make Sense Without Getting It Which One Would Always Get More If They Got Less Language. Pixies Speak So Many Words That All They Say Is Like A Big Long Story A Word Yet Just Means A Nuance Of A Word. Pixies Speak A Magic Tongue Which Seems Like It Accesses The Nether Everytime With Words For Every Form Of Math, Science, Religion, And WitchCraft, But Seems To Be So Ordinary It Would Only Seem To Be Telling Spirits What Do To At A Very Basic But Very Precise And Accurate Way. Pixies Seem To Speak With The Wind And The Clouds With Their Clarity And Speed But Talk Vaguely But Specifically Where It Counts. Pixies Have Words For Everything But Without Stories Behind Any Of Them. Pixies Speak Of Expressions Without It Even Seeming Like There Is An Expression But An Epic Tale Behind Everything In Couple, Triple, Rarely Quadruple Or Even More Rarely Quintuple Word Expressions That Would Normally Take A Couple, Triple, Quadruple, Or Quintuple Tales To Explain In Any Other Tongue. In Essence Pixies Speak Magically But Materially, Quickly But Clearly, And With Perfect Meaning To Those That Don't Know The Pixies' Language Which Translated From Pixie Tongue Is The Word With Meaning Like A Quadruple Pixie Expression {Grammar, Writing, Communication} And Language Spoken And Written[Whole Paragraph Applied The Same Way] As A Pixie Says And Writes It "English". The Only Way This Paragraph Doesn't Make Sense To Anyone Who Hears A Pixie Talk Or Sees Things Written In Pixie Tongue Is That They Speak, Read, Write, And Think In The Pixies Language Called English And Take It All For Granted Like All Pixies Do.

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