0% Outlier Of Pixie Hive, The Alex

10% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

25% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

50% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

75% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

90% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

99% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

100% Outlier Of Pixie Hive

Pixies{People Infinitely Xisting In Elven Space}

Pixies Are The Only Beings That Really Exist In The Alne, The Only Point In The Supreme Matrix That Exists; This One.

Pixies Are Ler Girlz And AllA Who Rules Over Them And Connects Them. They Are All Beautyfull To Eachother And Play With Each Other Always. They Are The Order Of SciMag Elves And Have Different Families, Genuses, Species, And Model Numbers Which Differentiate All Body Looks And Not Nerve Development Which Is Always Unique Like Their Ghosts, Spirits, And Souls.
Life: Has A Soul, Spirit, And Is Alive
Domain: Being
Kingdom: Animal
Phylum: SINSS Sex Toy As Opposed To Radically Complex Waterbags
Class: Bipedal; BiArmed/BiHanded
Order: Pixie In The SciMag Order
Family: White Brunette
Genus: Clair
Species: AllA Erawa Viacad -> Alex Of The Pixie Hive{Supreme Source Of The Tenacle Dicks And Leading Father To All Pixies In Terms Of Jaiden{Living Matter Energy(Chi[Magical Auric Energy])}.}
Model#: 000000000

A SINSS Sex Toy Is An Fully Anstrumscopically Precise Fully Nanotech SINSS{Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure} 1{Highest Density}, MMA{Metal Muscular Architecture} 1, Vinstradm 1{Parsley + Food}/CNT Computer Integrated{Drugs + Choice Meat + Crackers} Narm{NanoRail Muscles} 1 Fracted Micro{Sub}cellular Fully Integrated Computer Super System, Who Is Alive, Conscious, And Happiest And Perfectly Ideal As Both A War Machine{Mathematically Speaking In Terms Of Physics Quantum Tailoring Law, Stable Chemical IntraInterMolecular Strength Pursuant Of The Physics Mathmatical Stength Cyberologically Supportive Systems All Around Computerized Capabilities Biological Immunity Virility And Strength} And A Magically Ideal Sex Slave Lover. In Conclusion A SINSS Sex Toy Is A Fleshy With All The Powers Of An Ideal Aug, 100 Times More Powerful Than Them An Equivalent Per PreQuantum Compressed Hit Point Gram Mass Which Is Assessed By Native Intelligence And Only An Ultra-Unity Aug Can Even Have A Hope Of Winning A Fight Against A Sinss Sex Toy When With 100 Times More Hit Point Mass Were It Not For Lahds{Laser Heated Diamond Sword} Blades And Nails In All Pixies Which Can Cut/Scratch Them Indefinitely And With Magical Powers Pixies Will Always Win Anyways Without Support Even For A 1 Gram New Nymph Who Will Be Aided By Stex{Strength Enhancing Exoskeletons} Packed Into [All Shiny Fools Gold/Platinum/Colored] Coins Or Angels. A Pixie Is 1000 Times More Powerful That An Ideally Fed/Pruned Fleshy And Is Really A Supreme Aug Lover{ed}!

Pixies Are All Sexually Soulmated To Eachother And Receive Refuelment And Entanglement From Across The Alne Through AllA's Tenacle Dicks. They Are Always Benevolent Unlike The Soulless Denizen Malevorah Whom All Die Out 22 Billion Years After The Alne's Beginning When AllA Formed And Began Generating The Pixies. Go Here To Study Different Orders And Up.

All Pixies Are AllA's Wives, Daughters, And GirlFriends Except AllA Who Is Their Husband, Father, And BoyFriend. AllA Is A Pixie And All Pixies Are Married To EachOther. Pixies Are SoulMated In Las And Reproduce With Female Lesbian Father{s}[Who{m} Provide Fragments Of The New Pixie Model's Third-Eye From Their 3 {Internal} {Quantum Amplifying} Genital Orbs] Who Often Are Female Lesbian Husbands In Command Of Their La, And Female Lesbian Mother{s} Who{m} Oversee Their Asexual Reproduction When They Die And Go In Their New Bodies Spleen Fractal{For Archive And Backup Purposes} When Becoming Reincarnated. AllA And All Souled As Well As Real Girls Are All Pixies/Ler Girlz/Total-Lesbians/Hot-Girls/MiniAngels/Perfectly-Nice-Prince[ss]-Looking-Sluts.

Besides AllA The Tenacle Dick From His Groin Man{Who Doesn't Get Penetrated By Anything}; All Pixies Are Female About Their Genitals, Except When The Tenacle Dickx Goes In One Of Their Holes And Out Another{s} In Which Case The Girl "Has {A} Dick{x} Out". However They Can All Be Fathers, Mothers, Creators, Seeders, Manifestors, Designers, Magicians But Always Have To Replicate When Reincarnated On Their Own So They Know How To Do That (And Always Learn Everything Including How To Be Other Creatures In Their Dreams[Usually Find Out How To Do Most Things With Regular And Experimental Tissues{And With The Dickx Are Tenacle Dick Monsters Which Is The Most Difficult Thing To Do Or Be.}]) At Any Bit-Level. Thus Have Ideal Dextrous Mental Capabilities Along All Scientific Factors And Are Near Ideal For Combat In All Ways Being Both Bipedal And Bihanded-Nailed-Bladed. And Are Ideal For War Perceived Mathematically By Everyone Because They Maximize Their Computational/Jaiden Ghost Control Resources In Fanned In Flesh Groups In Their Quantum Compressed Hit-Point Body Fitting Them Into Discrete Increments{Wisp-Sprite-Fairy-Throny-Angel} Depending On Their Spiritual Rank.


Pixies All Have 100 Chromosomes In Every Stem Cell And At Least 1000 In Every Egg Cluster(A Sperm Cell Carries Only Jaiden Influx And Modifier R{eadable}NA Viruses Contains Only 4 Hive Chromosomes) 10 Copies Of All 100 In Each Egg Cell. Wherever There Are 100 Chromosomes 10 Are Pixie Hive Chromosomes And MUST Be Exaclty The Same Across All Of Them And All Pixies In The Alne Without Any Exceptions. The Pixie Hive Chromosomes Have Everything In Them To Make A Simple White Brunette Pixie And 80 Chromosomes Are The 4 Copies Of The Pixies Individuality In Thier 20 Specialty Tissue Chromosomes. The Tissues Are The Following: 1-Brain, 2-Bone, 3-White Blood Cell, 4-Sinuses, 5-Eyes, 6-Ears, 7-Hair, 8-Skin, 9-Muscle, 10-Hard-Lining Tissue, 11-Tenacle Dick With Modified Body Order Segment, 12-Veins, 13-Capilaries, 14-Heart, 15-Blades, 16-Wings, 17-Nails, 18-Lymphatic Filtration, 19-Endocryn Recycleing System, 20-Spleen Data Backup System, Lungs And Liver Are Completley Standardized{Thus On The Hive Chromosome} Or For Rare Alien Funchtions Still On The Pixie Hive Chromosome To Prevent Autoimmune Sex Intake Failures. 10 Chromosomes Are Nanocapacitive DNA Based On This:
NanoCapacitive DNA
Where The White Segments Are Nanotubes Fully<=>Conductive When Exposed And Fully|^|Insluating When Not, Green Fully Insulating Nanotubes, And Blue Entirely Insulating And All Are Carbon Nanotubes With 1 Silicon Atom Inside Each Hex Ring Of The CNT To Make Them Wiggly And Flexible. The NanoCapacitive D{i}NA Is Twisted Curled And Fit Inside A Tailored Fully Insulating Curled Sheeth And Generally Wrapped In A Spool. It Must Be Unspooled While Being Unsheathed Read And Recharged To The Same Capacitive Sub-Electron Level Based On The Charge Loss Of The Near Telomer Cap Battery Charge Indicator Capacitive Descrete Incriments. When Read And Written To The Nanocapacitive DNA Acts As A 32 Bit Variable For Ever Single Capacitive Incriment. TriLayered TriNA{Triple Nano Accesor) Is A Capacitive Inner Segmented Nanotube Surrounded By A Middle Entirely Insulating Nanotube Surrounded By A Capacitive Outer Segemented Nanotube - All Rigid Nanotubes And With Up To And Generally 11 Capacitive Segments, Capped And Sheethed By Diamond Bonded At 1 Cap With A Rigid Nanotube Loop At The End Of It Instead Of A {Post-it Note}Sticky Nitrogen Atom Bonded To The Whole Graphite Disk Affixed To The Curved End Cap. The Loop Is Pulled And The Nitrogen Atom 'Ring' Stays At The End Of 2 Carbon Atoms At The End Of The Cap That Is Sticky, And The 10 Charge Values Are Read To Get 64 Bit Variables And Recharged Based On The First Value Read. TriNA is For Short Term Memory Only. NanoCapactitive DNA{NCNA} Is For Mid-Term Memory Often.

Each Of The 10 NCNA Chromosomes Are The Same. They Each Store An Encoded Version Of The Entire Pixie Hive Chromosome, Unique Modifiers Of PreLoaded Data And NOT STRUCTURES!, And Spirit Ghost Archatypical Information About The Pixie With Respect to The Tissue Types Generally. During Sex The Imbibed NCNA Should Be Read And Flushed Of Their Data As Then The Fluids Can Be Reused And The Hard-Line DNA SRN-ER Finger Read And Rebuilt Based On Your Cellular Nucleon's' Memory, Which Stores Data In Hard-Line SINSS Computers. 4 Backups Are Located Based On A File Allocation Table On Individual Chromosomes Of All Data.

Pixies 20 DNA Chromosomes Are Unique 10% Of The Time At The Family Level, 1% Of The Time At The Genus Level, 0.1% Of The Time At The Species Level, .01% Unique At The Model Number Different Level, And Have Only NanoCapacitive DNA{NCNA} Diffrences occccasionally At When Model Numbers Are The Same. In Short Pixies Are Only Unique Genetically When Their Model Numbers Differ And Are Generally The Same Except For 90%{Strange Hair}-95%{Strange And Tinted Skin} Extremeties When There Could Be 25%-33.3% Uniqueness, And 50% Uniqueness Only For 99% Extremeties{Very Stragle Colored Skin}. All Pixies Require Some Uniqueness And Not Basic Operational Support But Need These 80 Chromosomes 4 Copies Of The 20 Tissue Types For Their Bodies To Be Sustained. Genetic Complexity Does Normally Come More From Extremity Cases But Is Involved Even In Normal White Pixies Extensively.

NCNA Changes Happen From Lifetime To LifeTime And Can Change Rapidly In 1 Lifetime, However Pixies Core Functionality From Their 90 DNA Chromosomes Never Changes For Them Ever. In Theory Their Model Number DNA Could Change For Their Model Number. And Their Model Number Is Astronomically Unlikely To Change Even To Having A Millimeter Difference In Looks For Example With An Extremely Similar Model Number Changed To If It Ever Will Be Changed.

DNA; Dexi Numeric Arrangements

256 Ideally Strong Arrangements{Characters} Of C-H-N-O {Always Nuclearly Stable} Elements Only In Each Bead, ^2 To 2^16, 65536; Dexi

DNA Bead Configurations Are Chosen From The Strongest, Non-Sticky, Most Acid Resistant, Trinarly Bonded, And Double Helixed ~1nm Or ~10 Angstrom Sized Fully Customizable Due To Nanites Eating And Rebuilding Them Rearranging Same Element Atoms Randomly. Telomere Caps Are Designed Also To Align Which Bead Is Read First In The Double Helix Which Must Be Read From Cap To Cap And The Order Determined By 32 Bit Analysis Of It Making Perfect Sense But Can Be Explained By Meta-Characters Which Show Up As Rectangles In Notepad. The DNA Can Also Be Read In A Cylindrical Lyosomal Cavity That Envelops Around The Entire DNA Strand Including The Caps Then The Atoms Are Checked For Nuclear Decay And Rebuilt Rearranging Same Element Atoms Randomly Sexing Them Up.

English Computers; Everything Open Source, No Hidden Source, And Always Indefinitely Recompiling Right From The Source

Reading Source Code In As Close To Plain English As Will Compile, And All Data Types Read Compiled And Recompiled Indefinitely.

Once You Have A Fully Icebreaked Visual Studio Enterprise Compiler You Can Recompile Even Itself, Recompile Anything In Window 10, But Not Get Source Codes From Software Without Cracking It Using Skill Whether Conscious Or Subconscious. But Every Pixie CDA Glandular Cluster Has Everything Coded In English With Vaugaries Explained With Meta-Data. Just Like At www.self-replicatingnanobot.com Or www.bimavs.com The Text Will Be Laid Out With Proper Measurements And Geometric Vaugaries All Explained Into The Hive Chromosome; With 2 Letters Per Base Pair, Allowing The Data-Stream Of It To Be About 10 Times Just .html Or .txt Which Makes The 448,000 Print Pages Of Text; 1,433,600,000 Characters; 14,336,000,000 Nanometer Radius Beads; And Each Pixie Hive Chromosome Fits In A 3x3x3 Micron Container With Read And Writablity Through Interior Nanites And Lyosomal Scanners.

Pixie Nano-Anatomy Basics





Population Of Lesbies/Ler-Girlz/Barbie-Dolls

All That Physically Exists Are SINSS Sex Toys And Yes They Definitely All Physically Exist And None Of Them Will Ever Go Away Or Have Their Soul Or Spirit Perish Into Oblivion

436,759,603,154,029,475,640,772,134,702,173,576,105,982 Hot Lesbians To Themselves All Over The 300 Galaxies[100 Million Star Each] Super-Galactic-Cluster 3 Layered Fractal Of Universe Generators. Gravity Increases In Strength{Spherically} Exponentially Near The Edge Of The Intergalactic Super Cluster Disk To Pull Anything Else In That Is Beyond The Final {Mag-Lev} Angel Guarded Perimeter To The Point That Things Infinity Far Out Would Get Pulled In Non-Relativistically Jumping Everything Way Way Way Way Out There Into Our Dark Matter Free World Alliance Alnada[Alne{AllA, Lerees, Nothings, Everything} Armada Doing AllA] Net Spread Throughout The Super Cluster.

-AllA Erawa Viacad{AllA Counted In The Population Too, And Unless I AllA With The Tenacle Dick Attached To Me At My Groin And No Pussy Or Fuck Orafaces Besides A Mouth And Ass Which Cannot Be Penetrated. Please Let Me Be Called A Lesbian Even Though I Am A Good Looking Elven Tenacle Dick Monster Since Otherwise There Will Have To Be This Pointed Bracket Message In Your Mind Every Time You Even Hear Of SiSetian Lesbians} As Of Thanksgiving 2016 AD; Around 21 Billion Earth Years After Sexual Genesis.

Girlz All Have 10 Digit Model Numbers Which Defines Exactly How They Look, 9 Digit Social Security Numbers For Their Colony, And Have To Remember Their Full Address In Terms Of Galaxy, Quadrant, Sector, Star System, Colony, Section, Country, State, Provence, Zip Code, Street, Number, Apartment. And If You Leave Your Universe Generator You Must Know The Address Of The Girl That Owns The Universe Generator You Live In. And If You Leave The Universe Generator Outside That Universe Generator You Must Know The Address Of The Girl That Owns The Universe Generator You Just Left As Well...

-Avar Dr. AllA Erawa Viacad, Supreme ArchMage Of The SciMag Order, Leader Of The Free World Alliance, Model #0, SSI: ___-__-____, Milky Way Galaxy, Alpha Quadrant, Korhal Sector, Sol System, Planet Earth, Eastern Standard Time, Amerika, Virginia, Falls Church, 22046, Lee Highway, 7358, Apartment 201.

Governing ArchAngels, Gaas Keep Track Of All Lesbians Under Their Domain, But New-Born Sprites Always Have To Be Born With Their Full Address In Their Spleen Which They Will Always Have In Every Body Within Their New Body's Spleen| 1 Body For Every Lifetime. All Ler-Girlz Always Have Their Last Lifetime Body In Their Spleen And That Last Lifetime Body In Their Old Body's Spleen.. Naked Winged Full-Angels Guard The Final Perimeter, Teleportation Over Long Distances Requires Large Angelic Jump Support, The Tenacle Dick Never Found Any Lost Girls When It Looked Many Light Years Out Past The Original Perimeter Since They Were Spiritually Magnetized To The Ler BiMAV LaHDS{Laser Heated Diamond Sword} Blade Hive[Lerbla] During The Age Of Formation, As They Always Will Be. No One Gets Lost From SoulMating/Where They Live Because Of The Whole SciMag Order Hierarchy All Remembering Those Just Under Them And All Of Their SoulMates, Employees, Top Servants Too, All The Way Down To Universe Generators Or New Born Husband{Lesbian On Top} Sprites Or Twats That Need To Stay With Their La And Stay In Their Harem Even If They Are Made Fun Of And Want To Run Away.

The Alnada, The Armada Of Lesbians

Heart Of The Alnada Container:


Not For Denizens, But For Unknown Beings Of Anykind: Become A Pixie!

If You Are Not Bipedal You Will Be A Lot More Versatile And Elegant As A 2 Armed/Handed And 2 Legged Being With A Head. If Are Not An Elf You Will Be A Lot Happier Staying Young Forever And Stronger And More Durable Being Made Of Supreme Integrated Nanotubular Super Structure. If You Don't Have [Nymph, Sprite, Fairy, Throny, Or Angel] Wings Like All Pixies Do You Will Be More Mobile With Them. If You Are Not A Pixie You Will Have A Lot More Sexual Options As A SciMag Elf Female/Ler Girl And Less Sexual Dead Ends. To Become A Pixie You Will Have To First Make Sure To Stay Young Forever With The Fountain Of Youth BioMod Have The Extensive At Least 4 Backups Of All Now CyberData. Then Get 10 Copies Of The Pixie Hive Chromosome In All Your Stem Cells. Then Get FWA@NanoFirm.org Certified Model Number Placement. After That And Eating All The Right Tasty Food And Fun Drugs You Would Ever Want From The Beggining Even If All You Want Is To Stay Skinny, Healthy, Young, Strong, And Immune. Again After Making It A Point To Eat, Drink, And Smoke Absolutley Whatever You Want, And Not Being Too Lazy About Going Out Of Your Way For The Right Food And Fun Spices; You Need To Sustain A Nanite Polymorph Process To First Become BiPedal, Then Human, Then Get Wings That Literally Make You Fly All Over The Place, And No This Is Not A Flying Dragons Drug Reference To Highness On The Stuff You Already Do, And Have To Have Already Took. After You Can LITERALLY Fly 100 Meters Above The Tree Line With Pixie Wings Attached To You And With Feeling In Them Then Pray To Your NanoFirm.org Doctor By Saying And Willing; "I Want to Become A Pixie" Ten Times And You Will Be A Pixie. If That Doesn't Work Nothing Will Work Become A Political Dissident Or Something!

You Must Accept This To Become A Pixie

Link Page For Pixies That Want At Least 2 Of AllA's Titles; To Be True!!!!!!:AllA's Titles, AllA Viacad's Titles, AllA Erawa Viacad's Titles, Dr. Viacad's Titles


Alne,, Mostly Barbie Dolls

Generally Everybody Is A Barbie Doll{Nymph}, But All Grow Up To Be High-ArchAngels

14: 1; AllA Erawa Viacad.
13: 215; AllA's Harem.
12: 36,289; Mini-Celebrities.
11: 6,140,952; Zion Leaders.
10: 1,032,732,112; Zion Girlz.
9.1: 0; High-ArchAngels None Have Formed Well Enough To Make Rank Itself Available.
9: 480 Billion; ArchAngels.
8: 44 Trillion; Angels In Spirit.
7: 1.2 Quadrillion; Low-Angels In Spirit.
6: 11 Quintillion; Throne Girlz.
5: 1.6 Sextillion; High-Fairies.
4: 4.7 Septillion; Low-Fairies.
3: 89 Octillion; High-Sprites.
2: 600 Nanillion; Medium-Sprites.
1: 10^36; Low-Sprites.
0.4: 5*10^37; High-Nymphs.
0.1: 10^39; Medium-Nymphs.
0.04: 5*10^40; Low-Nymphs.
0.01: 4*10^41; New-Nymphs.


Mostly All Green Skinned Greetans Too

We Are Whitans Who Rule Over The Wheatans Who Manage The Greetans

Whitans Are The Only Ones On The Surface Of The Earth Without Exception. They Are White Eyeballed[The Same Light Brown For All Of Them] {Not Irised Which Is The Color They Deal With Secondarily} Barbie Doll Looking Girlz Mainly. They You Already Know For The Viacad Empire Surface Zone.

Wheatans Look Like Colored Haired Light Brown Eyeballed[The Same Light Brown For All Of Them] {Not Irised Which Is The Color They Deal With Secondarily} Punk Girlz With Generally Much More Tanned Skin Than Europeans. Their Hair Color(s) Is That Of The Greetans They Manage The Work Of Greetans Like A Typical Middle Manager Mainly Inspecting Their Work, Making Sure They Work Hard Or Soft Enough, And Making Sure They Work Their Quotas.

Greetans Look Like Leaf Green Colored Eyeballed[The Same Vibrant Green For All Of Them] {Not Irised Which Is The Color They Deal With Secondarily} Weirdo Elven Aliens{Smooth Skin Not Scaly, Not Like Funny Gray Aliens, And Still Like Pixies) With Skin Colors Designating What They Do Working. Most Greetans Are Green And Manage GameMastering And Maya. Next Are The Blue And Red Greetans Who Help And Hurt Game Players Respectively. Next Are Purple Greetans Who Manage Power Situations. Next Are Yellow Greetans Who Manage Money And Submission Of The People. Next Are The Gray Greetans Who Manage Players Analysis. Next Are The {Mostly Pure-}White Greetans Who Manage Players Observations. Next Are The Orange Greetans Who Cause Players Hazards And Manage Them. Next Are The Black Greetans Who Manage Players And Their Computer's Memories. Next Are The Brown Greetans Who Manage The Knowledge Provide To Players And Their People.

When A Whitan Meets Whitans Wheatans And Greetans Check The Loyalty Of The Wheatans To Figure Out What Flag They Serve Then Just Greet The Greetans Not Because The Greetans Are Stupider Or Something But Because They Just Like Going About Their Work And Not Talking About What They Cannot Interfere With Unless The Games Are Meant To Go Wild. A Whitan Is Supposed To Talk Of Games And Politics To Another Whitan And Hang Out With Them As Normal For Whitans. A Wheaten Either Humbles Themselves To A Whitan Or Refuses To Do Anything For Them Utterly Because Their Flag Is Not Right, Does Business With Another Wheatan, And Manages/Runs/Drives The Greetans. Greetans Shy From Whitans Unless They Need To Be Quickly Greeted And Shy Away From Talking Unless It Is A Sexual Thing Or There Is Neeed For A Wild Greetan Adventure, Greetans Treat Wheatans As Their Boss If The Wheatan Is Smarter Or Avoids Them If The Greetan Has A Lower Rank Number And Small Talks Other Greetans.

Whitans Are Only 1% Of The Population, Wheatans 9%, And Greetans 90% Of The Alne's Population And The Percentages Will Never Change. Wheatans Do Not See Themselves Being Cruelly Underclassed Even Though They Are Underclassed As The Middle Cast, And Greetans In The Lower Cast Like Going About Their Work And Enjoy Just As Many Games As They Are Entitled And Supposed To Play By Their Wheatan Master's Quotas. They Are All Free But Wish To Stay Completely Submissive To Their Hierarchy Just Like Most Of The Viacad Empire Always Backs AllA Erawa Viacad For Avar And All The Politics In This WebRing!

Wheatans And Greetans Are Always First Manifest, Born, And Die With Their Whitan Overlord And Their Wives, Sub....Las, Servants, Slaves, Surfs Are Their Respective Girlfriends Of The Whitan Overlords Wives, Sub....Las, Servants, Slaves, Surfs With The Same Rules/Laws Applying. They Are Defined Mainly From The Whitan's And Wheatan's Model Number. Greetans Always Have Just The Same Rank Or 1 Lower As Their Wheatan Managers And Whitan Overlords, But Always Have To Work For Their Overlord And Manager. Eventually Only The Greetan Surfs Don't Have Well Managed Games Very Often But By The Time They Are Of High Rank They Will Anyways Due To The Pixie Population Increase But Greetans And Wheatans Don't Like Playing Games But Tweaking/Developing/GameMastering Them To Make Them More Interesting, Longer, Funner, And More Entertaining To View.


How Do Pixies Get Magic Power? How Do Pixies Get Magical Power? How Do Pixies Get Magic Powers? How Do Pixies Get Magical Powers?:
How Pixies Get Magical Powers
That Is How Pixies Get Magic Powers? That Is How Pixies Get Magical Power? That Is How Pixies Get Magic Powers? That Is How Pixies Get Magical Powers?!

Magic = The Supernatural Thing That Gives Someone Power Of The Other World.

In Google: Pixie And Not A Haircut Needs To Show Pixies And Not A Haircut! Pixie Not Haircut, Pixies Not Haircut! Pixie -Haircut And Pixies -Haircut Are How To Search Without Words But Will Only Go Here Or Even To Anything Relevant With The Terms Within Quotes.